Trevor Douglas tells YEM about his new single

This summer is a big summer for singer-songwriter Trevor Douglas. Not only is he traveling for upcoming performances, but he recently released his newest single “Stay By Your Side.” YEM spoke with Trevor about being in the music industry and what artist he’d most like to collaborate with.

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you get started in music?
Trevor Douglas: When I was younger I wanted to play the violin, so my mom put me in lessons. I never really progressed there, but I found other instruments I was a lot better at! (laughs)

YEM: Who are your music influences? Did you have a favorite musician when you were younger?
Trevor: Right now I am loving Charlie Puth. His recent album “Voicenotes” has been a huge influence on how I’ve been mixing my upcoming EP. I also really enjoy Lauv. Him and I have very similar vocal ranges and he’s the first person I’ve ever seen with my kind of range successful in the pop world. So I look to him for inspiration a lot. When I was younger I really loved a lot of the stuff my family listened too. Like The Beach Boys or The Monkees from my parents, and people like Blink-182 and Eric Hutchinson from my siblings.

YEM: Your songs have had a lot of streams on Soundcloud and Spotify. How do you stay grounded in the music industry?
Trevor: Haha it’s not hard, my family and those close to me would hard core call me out if I started getting too big headed. I’ve had humility drilled into my by my family from a young age.

YEM: Fans may remember you from American Idol. What was that process like? Have you watched the newest season of American Idol?
Trevor: It was fun, stressful at times but a lot of fun. And no, I haven’t really kept up with the show. I’ve had some friends on it since then, like Dalton and Harper and I saw some of their stuff, but that was about it.

YEM: Your sound is very soulful. Did that genre always come naturally to you?
Trevor: I just kind of write, and sing from an honest, vulnerable place and this is what tends to come out.

YEM: You just released your newest single “Stay By your Side.” Tell us about it.
Trevor: This is a song I originally wrote for a band project I was with, but I ended up keeping it for myself. It’s a track I’m pretty proud of. My friend Paul Flint helped me mix and master the song.

YEM: You’re performing in the Six Flags concert series this year. How do you prepare for a concert performance? Any pre-show rituals?
Trevor: Just mainly a lot of practice leading up to it. I drink a lot of water I guess too? Haha! I’ve been playing live shows for a while now, so it’s not like I go up really nervous to every show. (laughs)

YEM: If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be and why?
Trevor: Charlie Puth. I would love for him to do a duet with me and for him to produce it. I love his ear. He recorded his whole album himself, which is what I am trying to do haha! He just has such a great style and voice.

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