A tribute to Fred Andrews

This week, it was announced that Riverdale star Luke Perry passed away at age 52. Luke was best known for playing Dylan McKay on the 90s show Beverly Hills 90210. But today’s fan knew him better as Fred Andrews, Archie’s dad on Riverdale.

For three seasons, the kids and parents of Riverdale have made, shall we say, questionable choices. (The Blossoms are, well, murderers.) But in all the craziness of the Riverdale families, there was always one parent that was as kind as he was loving and supportive: Fred Andrews.

Fans of the show noticed early on that Fred was the best Riverdale parent. And as three seasons of the show aired, Fred kept his title. He was always looking out for his son and having his back.

So here, we look back at the best moments of Fred Andrews:

Season 1, Episode 1

From day one, Fred was a dream dad. Fred supported his family with his construction business. He hoped that Archie would follow in his footsteps and take over the business. But when Archie reveals his passion for music, Fred is supportive of his son’s decision and encourages him to follow his dreams. (So like we said, the best Riverdale parent)

Season 2, Episode 1

The second season begins in the hospital after Fred is shot by the black hood. The entire gang is concerned for Archie and his father. And Archie has to consider what life would be like without his dad. Luckily, Fred wakes up by the end of the episode. Fred may be recovering slowly, but he’ll do whatever he can to return to his normal Riverdale life.

Season 3, Episode 8

Archie has already been through a lot this season. And so has his dad. First Archie went to jail. Then he broke out of jail, got shot and became a runaway. And none of it has been easy on his dad. This episode features an emotional moment between Fred Andrews and his son. But as Fred says “It’s not a goodbye.” Archie is in for a long journey. But Fred takes the opportunity to assure Archie that they will see each other again. A reminder that above all, Fred would do anything for his son.