TV Tunes: Week of September 7th, 2015

Welcome to TV Tunes where YE tells you all about the sweet jams you hear on your favorite shows every week. Hear something you like, but can never figure out the title or artist? We’ve got you covered! Check out our breakdown of the best TV Tunes this week featuring songs from Awkward, Faking It, and Switched at Birth.

The best thing to come out of Canada since Ryan Gosling was a Mouseketeer, Alvvays are a stupendous shoegaze outfit from Nova Scotia with a sound that makes known their 90’s alt-rock idols. Clear influences are Pavement, The Pixies, and Belly. With mercilessly witty and profound lyrics and dreamy but jangly guitar riffs that dare you not to bob your head, Alvvays’s breakthrough hit has been “Marry Me, Archie,” but it’s their second single “Adult Diversion” that fires up this episode of MTV’s Awkward. After Jenna accidentally pulls a senior prank that results in school getting canceled, she’s hailed as a god of the school complete with a beach party in her honor. All the seniors are getting day drunk on the beach when “Adult Diversion” (haha, get it?) kicks in and Jenna and Tamara show up with more booze. Perfect timing, lol. Alvvays self-titled debut album is out now for download or streaming. Check out the video for “Adult Diversion” below!

Over on Faking It, everybody was having baby mamma drama. The episode was titled “The Revengers: Age of the Monocle,” but it may as well have been titled “Ex Hex” because that’s what everyone was up to. Karma was jealous of Liam and trying to sabotage his new bang buddy and vice versa, Reagan wanted to stick it to her uncertain-about-the-whole-lesbian-thing ex, and even Lauren wanted in on the ex hex action as she attempted to out Theo as a (spoiler alert) NARC to his new school at a pep rally. Lauren had a change of conscience, but Amy stepped in and did the dirty work for her. It’s obvious Lauren felt like a total a-hole afterward, and she sees her revenge probably ruined any chance of a future with Theo. Cue “Love Is To Die,” the maudlin yet melodic jam from indie low-fi all-girl group Warpaint. Based out of LA and counting actress Shannyn Sossaman as their former drummer, Warpaint are experts in low key experimental atmospheric jams. “Love Is To Die” is from their self-titled sophomore full-length. Check out a live performance from these too-cool LA ladies below.

Things were a bit more somber over on Switched at Birth as everyone mulled over what to do about Toby and Lily’s pregnancy with a special needs child…Everyone except for Travis who was visiting Emmett in LA. The two hit an industry party with Emmett’s new GF Skye who has mad showbiz connections and serves as their sherpa up the Hollywood mountain. At the party we hear everyone jamming to (appropriately enough) “Covered in Stars” from the LA-based Angelique Bianca, an enigmatic DJ/raver/fairy/earthy it-girl. Doing the DJ thing in LA for years, Angelique put out some original material in the form of the EP Transformation. Check out “Covered in Stars” below.