Go Beyond The Wall In The First Official Trailer For ‘Allegiant’

It’s here!!! The first official trailer from Allegiant, the third installment in the Divergent series based on the YA novels by Veronica Roth, finally hit the internet this week. We will have to wait until March 18th, 2016 for the full shebang, but now for the first time, we finally get a taste of  what life is like beyond the wall that surrounds Chicago in the trailer. We follow dauntless Tris and Four as they journey to the outside world for the first time…only to encounter a mysterious entity known as The Bureau for Genetic Welfare, headed by Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom, Dumb and Dumber).

Besides giving us a sneak peek at the world beyond the city wall, the new trailer clued us into a few other things as well:

  1. Tris has somehow managed to escape the awkward phase that accompanies growing out a pixie cut, because in Allegiant her hair is looking sleek, awesome, and sophisticated. Tris looks like an actual adult, not the naive girl torn between callings in Divergent. Good for her, she needed it. Just one good hair day can change your whole outlook on life.
  2. While the film is directed by Robert Schwentke who has helmed all the other Divergent films, if def looks like he went to the JJ Abrams school of directing as the Bureau shots look like a clip from the new Star Trek films. But hey, we loved the new Star Trek films, so keep it coming.
  3. Miles Teller and his character Peter have both softened and become less douchey. Yay! About time!! I guess all the Oscar buzz for Whiplash succeeded in toning the actor down.
  4. This first trailer includes a refresher course from the previous 2 films…which makes us miss Ashley Judd as Tris’s mom all over again. Sad face.
  5. Now that the trailer is here, we can begin the countdown to 3/18/2106…and then the countdown for the final chapter in the Divergent series–Ascendant, due sometime in 2017. I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!! So I’ll just watch this trailer on repeat until then.

Check out the world beyond the wall for yourself in the trailer below.