Vampire Academy Season 1 Recap | All Episodes

The Vampire Academy series is set in a world where vampires, humans, and half-breeds live together in an uneasy truce. Now that season 1 is over we figured we’d give you a Vampire Academy Season 1 recap. To dive into more detail half-breeds, or Moroi, are born vampires who don’t have the ability to turn humans into vampires. They possess all of the strengths of vampires, but none of the weaknesses. Vampire Academy follows the story of Rose Hathaway, a half-breed who is training to be a Guardian. Guardians are responsible for protecting the Moroi from the Strigoi, vampires who have given into their blood lust and prey on humans and Moroi alike.

Vampire Academy Season 1 recap all episodes

Vampire Academy Season 1 Recap

Vampire Academy season 1 was highly anticipated by fans of the book series, and it did not disappoint which is why we thought it was necessary to bring you a Vampire Academy season 1 recap. To start our recap the show starts out telling the story of Rose Hathaway, a Vampire Academy student who is torn between her duty to protect her best friend Lissa Dragomir, and her growing feelings for Dimitri Belikov, a Vampire Academy guard. The three of them are constantly in danger from the Strigoi, and they must use all their skills to stay alive.

Whether it was from the Vampire Royalty, who were determined to keep Lissa under their control, or the Strigoi, who were out to destroy all vampires, Rose and Lissa had their hands full. But with the help of Dimitri, as well as their friends at the Vampire Academy, they managed to survive everything. Whether it was dealing with murderous Vampire guardians, uncovering dark secrets about the Vampire Academy, or fighting off hordes of enemy Vampire students, Rose and Lissa always found themselves in the thick of it. But they always managed to come out on top, thanks to their strong friendship. The Vampire Academy season 1 finale was a heart-stopping cliffhanger episode that ended with Lissa being kidnapped by the Strigoi, which left fans eagerly anticipating season 2.

Vampire Academy season 1 is full of action, suspense, and romance, and it is a must-watch for fans of the book series. The acting was superb, the effects were impressive, and the overall story was engaging. Vampire Academy season 1 was a hit with fans, and it is easy to see why. With so many highlights in Vampire Academy Season 1, it’s hard to pick a favorite episode or scene. If you haven’t had a chance to watch all of the episodes from Season 1 of Vampire Academy we encourage you to read below. We do our best not to spoil it too much for you.

Vampire Academy Season 1 | Episode Recap

Episode 1 – Pilot

After Rose and Lissa’s future plans are shattered by an event, a new Guardian steps in and threatens Rose’s job. As Lissa tries to adapt to her role at court, she realizes that there is danger lurking everywhere.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 2 – Earth. Air. Water. Fire

Lissa is worried that someone will find out her secret while Rose must deal with the outcomes of her past actions. Sonya ends up discovering something interesting.

Vampire Academy Episode 2 recap

Episode 3 – Death Watch

Another episode full of drama and suspense. The Dominion is hit with a major setback while Rose ends up meeting her match. In addition, Christian gets some unexpected news and Lissa takes a daring step.

Vampire Academy Episode 3 Recap

Episode 4 – Benchmark

As a Guardian, Rose is put to the test, and Victor gives Lissa an opportunity to better the Dominion. However, there’s an unforeseen wrench thrown in their plans.

Recap of Vampire Academy Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 5 – Near Gaurd, Far Gaurd

Although Rose is a fantastic leader, she does so at a great personal cost. Lissa makes a drastic decision to take control of her life, and Victor tries to fight back against the system.

Recap of Vampire Academy Season 1 Ep. 5

Episode 6 – Molnija

Rose is looking for peace during the hectic campaign season of the Royal Tour. Lissa begins trying to understand her magic better and ends up going to an unlikely source for answers. Lastly, Christian finds someone new to confide in.

Season 1 Episode 6 of Vampire Academy Summary

Episode 7 – Beyond the Wards

Rose and Lissa’s journey for answers takes them well outside the boundaries of the world they grew up in. Victor resorts to desperate measures to make final push for the throne.

Season 1 Ep 7 Vampire Academy Summary

Episode 8 – The Trials

As Victor and Tatiana face off in the Trials, Victor is trying to keep a secret hidden. As Victoria and Tatian hash it out, Rose and Mason begin learning more about their enemy. Finally, Christian finds something shocking.

Episode 8 of Vampire Academy

Episode 9 – Darkness

The events following the Trials leave the Dominion in disarray. Christian confronts a chilling reality while Rose makes desperate decisions for her future. Lissa’s treachery forces her to come to terms with her own darkness.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 10 – Ascension

The people of the Dominion must work together to stop their biggest challenge yet; Rose and Lissa make an important and impactful decision.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Finale Ascension

Vampire Academy Season 1 Recap – Final Thoughts

Vampire Academy was an exciting, enjoyable, suspenseful, and addicting television season. The cast and crew delivered a great performance that left fans eager for more. Click here to see the exclusive interview we did with Andrew Liner, Kieron Moore, and André Dae Kim from Vampire Academy Season 1.