YEM Exclusive Interview | with Sara Thompson from “One of Us is Lying”

We are back with another exclusive “One of Us is Lying” interview! This time around YEM talks to Sara Thompson, who plays Vanessa Clark, girlfriend of TJ and best friend to Addy in the show. In our interview with Sara, we discuss many topics centered around her character, other characters in the show, how she prepares for her role, behind the scenes moments and other things all about “One of Us is Lying”. But before we jump into our interview and give you a link to where you can watch it, let us discuss the show’s synopsis, where you can watch it, Sara’s character, and her career!

Sara Thompson

Four distinct personalities are followed as their lives develop in “One of Us is Lying” after their classmate Simon Kelleher passes away while in detention after drinking from a tumbler coated with peanut oil.

The four protagonists of the series are Bronwyn Rojas, Nate Macauley, Addy Prentiss, and Cooper Clay, who were all in detention with Simon. They were all detained for allegedly bringing their phones to class, but the devices were planted on the students and were not their own smartphones.

Simon accuses them of fitting into four stereotypes while in detention: the jock, the brain, the princess, and the criminal. An automobile accident briefly diverts the teens’ attention. Simon then experiences an allergic response.

The remaining four students are made suspects in Simon’s killing because they each had a reason to murder him: Simon ran the salacious gossip app called About That, and his upcoming post would reveal their most sinister secrets. The accusations force the secrets to surface because of the alleged murderer’s Tumblr entries.

The four suspects develop a close bond at school at begin to stand up for one another as they are frequently teased and taunted by their peers. They all firmly feel that they are innocent and try to learn the truth, even at their peril.

Sara Thompson, as we mentioned before, plays Vanessa Clark. Vanessa is Addy’s best friend and the headstrong, popular girl at Bayview High. Sara seizes the opportunity presented by Simon’s passing to increase her fame and reputation. She is also TJ’s highly sought-after girlfriend.

(You can watch “One of Is Us Lying” exclusively on the Peacock network.)

In real life, Sara Thompson (Vanessa Clark) is an accomplished actress born and raised in Canada. She is most known for playing Vanessa in “One of Us is Lying” and in the suspense series “Burden of Truth” as the character Molly Ross: a girl who experiences seizures. She has starred in many other successful series and films, such as “The 100“, “The Return”, “Make it Happen” and “Night Hunter” starring famed veteran actor Ben Kingsley.

Sara Thompson

Our extensive interview with the actress discusses various topics you won’t want to miss! We start by asking what it was like for Sara to play Vanessa in her very own episode! Sara mentions her thrill of getting the script for the Vanessa episode and much more you will want to see! Sara was asked about her incredible on-screen chemistry with her cast members. Sara delighted us with her informative and charming answers. We also discussed a steamy scene between Vanessa and Nate! Watch the video to discover all the juicy behind-the-scenes details and hilarious outtakes from the iconic scene! We also delve deep into Vanessa’s psyche in an unforgettable moment when characters Evan and Vanessa share a deep and pivotal conversation in which the latter discovers a new side of herself. We also talked about the special effects filmed on the show! Sara talks about all the high-tech devices she uses on set and much more! YEM also wanted to discuss with the actress what her most memorable on set moments were. We can share a bit of her answer here. In season one, Sara mentions a funny behind the scenes moment during the homecoming episode in which it caused her to spit out her water!

Sara Thompson

Thanks to Sara Thompson for sitting down with YEM and speaking with us! Everyone, please follow her on her official Instagram page at @sarailana. YEM readers, don’t forget to watch One of Us Is Lying exclusively airing on the Peacock network. Please watch our interview at the link below. While you’re there, like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest entertainment updates. And if you still can’t get enough One of Us is Lying content, read our articles and watch our other cast member interviews on our website and social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.