Victor and Benji’s relationship from Love, Victor as a Playlist

Victor and Benji, while at a crossroads, have a connection that cannot be transferred to anyone else. The duo is absolutely adorable and are arguably soul mates. Benji helped Victor discover himself and is also Victor’s first love. But even the most devoted relationships can reach their breaking points. Broken glass can be repaired, right? While being with someone who is more experienced in relationships can make things better, it may not be easier. Victor is navigating the hurdles of being newly out at his school and he is trying to gain his mother’s acceptance of his relationship with Benji. It also makes sense that Benji is frustrated with Victor, though. Benji is coping with self-worth issues, navigating his first love, and he probably feels a lot of pressure to be this perfect supportive fairytale boyfriend, not to mention Victor telling Rahim about Benji attending AA meetings. Both Benji and Victor messed up during their relationship, but that is what comes with young love. In fact, some of the reason Benji and Victor’s relationship works is that they both have shared baggage.

This playlist includes themes such as heartbreak, self-discovery, anger, new beginnings, love, and doubt. Each song transports the listener inside Benji and Victor’s love while acknowledging the deep pain they each endured throughout the second season. At the beginning of Victor and Benji’s relationship, Victor couldn’t take his eyes off Benji and was completely infatuated by him. Even when Victor was dating Mia throughout his sophomore year, Benji was always on the back of his mind. Not to mention Benji is a romance god. Who could forget him attending Victor’s basketball game and dancing to a choreographed routine with all the player’s SO’s to cheer on the team? Someone New by Hozier and More Than A Feeling by Boston emit the exciting and nerve-racking feelings that come along with a new relationship like Victor and Benji’s. Songs like Fire on Fire by Sam Smith, Break My Heart Again by FINNEAS, and you broke me first by Tate McRae parallel the tumultuous side of Benji and Victor’s relationship while Edge Of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks and The Wolf by Mumford & Sons highlights the care and admiration the two have for each other. Heaven Sent by Parker Milsap and In My Blood by Shawn Mendes highlight the feelings associated with being true to yourself and, in Victor’s case, coming out as gay. Just like Victor and Benji’s relationship, this playlist is a journey filled with highs and lows that closes with a cliffhanger. Is Benji too good to walk away from? Or is it time for Victor to continue to move forward?