For your viewing pleasure: Disney+

Disney+ has a plethora of content for at-homing screening, from new originals to tried-and-true favorites. With hundreds of options to choose from, there’s something for everyone on the streaming site and we’ve whipped up a little list to get you started.

For the wee ones

It’s tough nowadays trying to find something that the whole family will enjoy, especially for the youngest members. Disney+ has content that bring parents and children together in shows such as Family Sundays, Family Sing-Along, Pixar in Real Life, and Be Our Chef. If you’re looking even more content for a tiny tot, check out the site’s Disney Junior Series. 

For the old-timers

For anyone over 20, there is an entire backlog of old nostalgic gems in the Disney+ vault. Looking for some old Disney Channel Original Movies? Would you like The Luck of the Irish, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, or Phantom of the Megaplex? There are also classics from the 20s to the 90s that are sure to jog mom and dad’s memory. Just pick a decade and watch The Swiss Family Robinson, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, or Muppet Treasure Island. For easy perusal check out the Disney Channel Original Movie and Disney Through the Decades collections.

For the true-blue Disney diehards

Do you love Disney? Do you want to know everything about Disney? Well, buckle up because Disney+ has fascinating shows outlining the history of the wonderful world of Disney. Look for The Imagineering Story, One Day at Disney, Frank and Ollie, Prop Culture, Disney Fairytale Weddings, and Disney Insider. All these and more are sure to warm your hearts and leave you brimming with Disney magic.

For the nature fanatics

Disney has a huge range of content for anyone interested in nature, whether it’s of the flora or fauna variety. There are shows like Diving with Dolphins, Born Wild: The Next Generation, and Kingdom of the Blue Whale that are sure to please any budding biologist. Look for the Earth Month and Disney Nature collections where all nature-themed shows are conveniently grouped.

For the scholars

Anyone who wants to learn new things while having a great time should pay special attention to the next category. Disney+ has content to expand the mind like Brain Games, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and Origins: The Journey of Mankind. Do you think math is boring? Think again when you’re watching Shop Class and see the amazing projects that they build using facts and figures.

Finally, for those looking for the next adventure

Those who are searching for the newest Disney content should look no further than the Disney+ Originals. New shows like The Mandalorian and Diary of a Future President as well as feature movies such as Star Girl and Lady in the Tramp have delighted audiences young and old. The best part about the original content is that it will continue to grow, promising even more great stories for the future.

Diary of a Future President key art
CR: Disney+