Hello Sunday from The Voice talk new music!

Hello Sunday is a young duo made up of Myla Finks and Chelsea Glover. Hello Sunday made their national debut on NBC’s Season 17 of The Voice. They even received an enthusiastic chair turn from Kelly Clarkson. With Myla being 14 yrs old and Chelsea being only 13 yrs old during their Blind Audition, this made Hello Sunday the youngest duo in the history of the show. As their journey continued on, Hello Sunday brought both Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson to tears with their performances. They gained the very first ‘Wild Card Save’ by popular vote from The Voice’s audience. And the girls made it to the coveted Top 8 Semi-Finals! YEM spoke with Myla and Chelsea of Hello Sunday about their time on the voice and their newest single out now!
Young Entertainment Mag: How did you both meet and decide to start making music?
Chelsea: We met at a performing arts camp in Atlanta Georgia AGI Entertainment and we decided to start making music after our team put us together and saw our chemistry.
Myla: Chelsea and I met at AGI performing Arts Camp in Marietta, GA. While in camp, the creative director; Brandin Jay saw something in each of us, and felt that our voices complimented one another. So, he paired us up to do some songs together during camp, and then he decided to put us together as a duo. We’ve been Hello Sunday ever since!!
YEM: Where did the name Hello Sunday come from?
Chelsea: The name Hello Sunday came from our creative director Brandin Jay. It means a new beginning, a new day.
Myla: The name Hello Sunday is meant to be inspirational to people, because Sunday is the start of the week and the opportunity for new beginnings.

YEM: You appeared on Season 17 of the Voice! How did it feel to be the youngest duo in the show at the time? What was that whole experience like?

Myla: Being on NBC’s “The Voice”, was one of the best experiences of my life!! It is an honor to be coined the youngest duo in Voice history, because it really shows our level of talent and says that even though we are young, we are just as talented and capable as the adults on the show. The entire experience was surreal, and a dream come true. To have had the opportunity to work one on one with Kelly Clarkson and meet living legends such as a Taylor Swift, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton, was beyond all of our wildest dreams and we are so grateful for the experience!

Chelsea: Being the youngest duo on the show was amazing. It was fun and hard work at the same time. It was great being around artist that was passionate about music just like us.

YEM: Kelly Clarkson turned her chair for you! What did you learn from her and from the other artists on the show?

Myla: Oh wow! We learned soooo much from Kelly throughout the show. She gave us great advice on our blending, pitch, and harmonies, and she was really a mama bear to us, and showed us so much love and compassion. We gained so much from not only the other judges, but from the contestants on the show as well. We all became like family, and would always give one another awesome advice.

Chelsea: We learned from Kelly that you have to go hard despite of your age. We also learned that training your voice is important. How to warm up, how to rest your voice and how to properly use your voice without damaging it. I learned from other artists that we are all unique and different ways.

YEM: You released your first single recently. Tell us about your new song!

Myla: So, our new song is titled “I like It”, and it is a real “Get you on your feet”, song!! I like it is about self-worth and self-love, and is really meant to convey the message to love yourself and everything about yourself! I love the impact that the song has had on people, because we need more positivity in the world, and we are so happy to be the vessels for that!

Chelsea: Our song I like it is about being confident in yourself. When it comes to our generation, people tend to be insecure about their their flaws. We just want to encourage people to be more confident in themselves and like what they see… flaws and all. We want our fans to know, You are a 10. Not a 5, Not a 7, a 10!!

YEM: What’s ahead for you? Will you be touring or releasing a music video soon?

Myla: Hello Sunday plans to continue working hard and making great music for our fans! We definitely plan on touring, and more fun music videos to come!

Chelsea: Of course new music is coming out. We plan on dropping an EP and we are doing shows. If you want to book us, make sure you go to our Instagram page @Hellosundaymusic for more information.