Violet McGraw shares what she learned while working along side co-star, Scarlet Johansson in Black Widow

Violet McGraw is an actress who can be seen in the film Black Widow. The film was released on July 9th in theaters and also on Disney+ with Premier Access.  Black Widow is Marvel’s newest action-packed spy thriller. Violet will portray Young Yelena Belova. Florence Pugh portrays Yelena Belova. In the future Violet can also be seen in the the film M3GAN. YEM was able to speak with Violet about the coolest part about being Young Yelena, what it feels like to watch the films she has been in, and her favorite thing about acting.

Young Entertainment Mag: What was the most fun thing about acting on “Black Widow”?

Violet McGraw: I would have to say the most fun thing was flying to LONDON, meeting Scarlett and Florence and just about everything else!!! Just being in a Marvel movie is so exciting!!

YEM: Have you watched any of the other Marvel movies before you were cast for “Black Widow”?

Violet: Yes!! I have seen them all!! Me and my siblings are obsessed. We have a tradition of going to Marvel movies opening weekend, so we don’t get any spoilers!! 

YEM: What is the coolest part about being Young Yelena?

Violet: The coolest part for me was getting to play a young Florence Pugh! She is truly one of the coolest people you will ever meet. She just makes you feel happy!! Also, like my brothers remind me daily, I am actually now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!

YEM: Did you get to speak with Scarlett Johansson? Did she give you any good acting tips or were you able to learn anything from watching her act?

Violet: I was so nervous when I met Scarlett. Black Widow has been my favorite female Marvel character forever!! I even dressed like her for Halloween one year. She was just super welcoming and said she was so happy to have me on the movie. When I talked to her at the wrap party, she told me what a good job I was doing on the film. It made me really happy. 

YEM: What are you most excited about in your upcoming role in “M3GAN”?

Violet: Well, I already love Allison Williams so much, so getting to work with her is exciting. I also think what Blumhouse is creating is something really cool. I can’t wait for the world to meet M3GAN! 

YEM: How old were you when you played your first on-screen acting role, and what was it like?

Violet: My first really big role was when I was 6. I played Nellie in The Haunting of Hill House. I was pretty nervous, but also very excited. Mike Flannigan was awesome. I still don’t know how I got so lucky, but I am super grateful for Mike Flannigan for seeing something in me and letting me be a part of something so special. 

YEM: Did you do any acting before you acted on television?

Violet: I did some commercials and modeled a little bit when I was a baby. 

 YEM: “M3GAN” won’t be the first thriller film that you’ll star in. What other thriller movies have you been in and is it actually scary to act for in real life?

Violet: I did a movie called  Separation with Brent Bell and I did Doctor Sleep with Mike Flannigan. Both had scary elements, but it’s actually not scary when I am filming. Like in The Haunting of Hill House, I became friends with all the hidden ghosts and would eat lunch with them when I could. In Separation I got to play with these scary puppets called the Grisly Kin, but I really fell in love with each of them. Brent actually gifted me one for my wrap present. I love it so much. 

The movies become so much scarier once they add in the music and any special effects. When I saw some of my parts in Haunting after it was finished, I was pretty scared. The music and camera angles sure do change how you see something. 

 YEM: How many siblings do you have, and have you ever acted on-screen with them?

Violet: I have 3 siblings. My oldest brother is Jack, then there is Maddy and Aidan who are twins. Then me. 

I have done commercials with Jack and I have done music videos and modeling with Maddy. I guess I need to figure out a way to work with Aidan. Aidan and I have actually worked with the same writer and producers, but on different movies. Lol!! 

 YEM: What do you love about soccer?

Violet: My most favorite thing about soccer is being part of a team and working towards a common goal. This is my first year on a club team, so I am extra excited. 

YEM: What acting scene that you’ve done will you always remember because it was so intense?

Violet: Without giving away any spoilers; there is a very intense scene in Black Widow that has stuck with me until this very day. 

YEM: What actress do you look up to the most and why?

Violet: I really look up to Carla Gugino. She has been such an important role model for me. She played my mom in The Haunting of Hill House and on JETT. She has taught me so much. She taught me to never get worried when a role doesn’t go my way because if I continue to do honest/good work, my path will present itself.  She is also one of the most loving people I know and is always supporting her friends. I think she is just an amazing human! 

 YEM: What does it feel like when you watch the films that you have been in?

Violet: I haven’t really seen a whole lot of my work because a lot has been scary. But, I actually don’t like watching myself. It feels kinda weird. 

YEM: What is your favorite thing about acting?

Violet: I love so many things about acting, but one of my favorite thing is the people I meet and the locations I get to go to, like right now I am in New Zealand. But I think what I love most, is getting to bring a character on paper to life. 

 YEM: What kind of movies do you want to act in the future?

Violet: I think I would like to act in a comedy for a change. We had to quarantine in New Zealand for two weeks, so me and my mom and my brothers started watching Friends from the beginning. That cast really was super special and so funny. That would be so fun to be a part of something like that. I also would love to be a super hero and have powers and do stunts and stuff. 

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