Watch the Riverdale musical episode performances here!

It was quite the night this week on Riverdale. The cast performed several songs from “Carrie: The Musical” – a chilling combination of horror and catchy tunes. While the episode ended with a (Spoiler Alert) major death, let’s take a look at everything that happened before the curtain dropped. Below, YEM takes you through the episode’s best musical moments.


The episode opens just like “Carrie: The Musical,” with a number that introduces our cast and setting. In this opener, each character gets a moment in the spotlight, letting the audience know their intentions and their character traits.


As rehearsals begin, Cheryl steps up center stage for her big musical moment.

“Do Me A Favour” 

This powerhouse number may be the most catchy song of all! Whether you ship Barchie or Beronica, this song is sure to get you dancing! (Also, how good is this cast at singing???)

“Unsuspecting Hearts”

After a rocky few weeks, Cheryl and Josie performed this beautiful ballad, and fixed their friendship in the process.

“The World According to Chris” 

Veronica’s biggest musical number to date features the dancing talent of Camila Mendes! She may be the mean girl, but this performance proves that Cami Mendes is a triple threat!

“You Shine”

Beronica fans, get ready to shed a tear! This beautiful ballad brought our Riverdale girls back together. And all is right with the world!

“Stay Here Instead”

Alice stepped into the spotlight and put her heart and soul into this emotional number, where she begs her daughter not to abandon her.

“A Night We’ll Never Forget” 

Talk about fun! This number was a joy to watch- it’s literally just every character singing their heart out, dancing gleefully, and having the time of their life. (Also, did this song give anyone else serious High School Musical 3 vibes? “Night to Remember” anyone?)

“Evening Prayers”

SPOILER ALERT! For the show’s final number, it’s not the song that brought us to our feet. Just…take a look…

The Riverdale musical episode is now available on the CW app and the soundtrack is now available to stream and purchase!