A wedding is coming to Jane the Virgin!

The final season of Jane The Virgin is currently airing on The CW. The hit show is airing its final episodes throughout the rest of the summer. The show stars Gina Rodriguez as Jane, who won a Golden Globe for her role.

After five years of laughs, romance, and drama, Jane Villanueva and her son Mateo will finally get their happy ending. Or will they? The series is based off of a Spanish soap opera – a telenovela. So it wouldn’t be Jane the Virgin without some chaos!

We all know the show began with Jane accidentally being artificially inseminated at a doctor’s appointment. And the craziness only continued from there.

The final season has already been quite the adventure. Jane was about to get engaged to her boyfriend and son’s father, Rafael. Until, she learned that her husband Michael, who everyone thought had died – was actually alive! Needless to say, it put a damper on her proposal plans.

After going back and forth between her former love and her new love, Jane decided that Rafael was the man she was meant to be with. And this past week, Rafael finally got down on one knee and proposed to Jane. And fans everywhere were over the moon when Jane said yes!

Now Jane and Rafael (and Mateo) are planning the wedding of their dreams and preparing to become one big happy family. But the narrator warned viewers that Jane and Rafael won’t be walking down the aisle so easily. What else do these two have to go through? Isn’t an unplanned pregnancy, a breakup, and a husband coming back from the dead enough? But with only five episodes left of the show, only time will tell.

So are you excited to see Jane and Rafael get married? Are you sad that the show is ending? Let us know in the comments!