Who is the most badass girl on ‘Teen Wolf’?

‘Teen Wolf’ has seen some of the most badass girls on television. And Season 5 is no exception. Between fights and good old fashion growing up the women have proven to be just as much of a force to be reckoned with as the men on MTV’s hit. So who is THE MOST badass girl on on ‘Teen Wolf’ right now?

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Malia Tate

malia tate

Malia Tate is the badass werecoyote heating up our screens every week. Remember her little fight with Tracey from a few episodes ago? Or that  little conversation in the weight room with Theo? How badass was it to see her knock his smug attitude down a peg? Is she your most badass choice?

Lydia Martin


Lyda is a badass brainiac. She’s always putting puzzle pieces together and thinking outside the box to help the gang understand the goings-on. She’s proven herself to be much more than just the popular girl and now Parrish is teaching her to fight! She keeps getting better and better. Is she your choice badass?

Kira Yukimura


Kira is  on badass kitsune. Her mother calls her a “Thunder” Kitsune, actually. She wields a sword with grace and power. She also has the supernatural ability to take in electricity! And let’s face it, if she wasn’t an ultimate badass would Scott be making out with her on the regular? Is she your top pick?

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Who is the most badass girl on 'Teen Wolf'?

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