YA Music Interview – EXCLUSIVE: Brother and Sister Music Duo Brandon and Savannah | Young Adult Mag

At 10am on June 21st brother and sister music duo, Brandon and Savannah took some time out of their summer break in Florida, to call in and speak with Young Adult (YA) about their new climbing the top 40 charts hit, All the Runaways.







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YA: How old were you guys when you started singing?

Savannah: I started when I was 5, but Brandon started with the guitar and music writing when he was 8. I got into writing too. Then when Brandon got old enough we collaborated with each other.

YA: Oh cool, that’s so much fun, how was it filming your big hit All the Runaways?

Brandon: We filmed in Nashville, and the song is about everyone getting together in L.A. We are putting out a couple of EP songs at the beginning of July. That’s when we started with the Camplified tour.

YA: That sounds awesome. Where does your inspiration come from?

Brandon: Writing wise, just from things happening in our lives, weather it’s about relationships, weather it’s about living, or having fun, or good feelings, or good vibes.

Savannah: Or it could be about someone else, missing someone, or missing a place. It could be about missing LA – just different vibes of people, different emotions.

YA: And whom do you guys listen too?

Brandon: We listen to everything from R+B, Hits, indi, right now Foster the People, Fun.

Savannah: But for writing Brandon really looks up to 

Together: “John Meyer”

Brandon: No doubt, writing wise Guitar wise. I guess Savannah looks up to

Savannah: Celine Dion, and Barbra Streisand it goes really way back and I started singing because of their strong voices.

Brandon: The Beatles, they were one of my first visits when I first started performing.

YA: Do you have any books that you’re reading now?

Brandon: I read all the Hunger Games books before the movie came out. I loved them so much, I finished them all in like a week.

Savannah: I read them all like before they came out. I read number one and then the movie came out. And now like a month before the other one comes out I’ll read the other one, so I’ll remember.

YA: Im like really excited for you guys, you’re really putting yourselves out there and doing what you guys got to do to get to where you’re going.

Together: Thank you so much.

Brandon: We’ve been working really hard since we were little kids. It’s amazing seeing all this happen. We’re very blessed and fortunate to have great people surrounding us and everyone supporting us. It’s really awesome.

Together: Thank you so much

Brandon: We appreciate the call.

Savannah: Thank you.

Look out for Brandon and Savannah coming to a radio near you.