Ya Tv Review TwistedSins Of The Father Young Adult Mag

On this week’s episode of Twisted, lots happened — Possibly too much. Read on to see what went down. We resume where we left off, with Jo and Danny are looking down at Vikram’s dead body. Jo is understandably freaked out after seeing Danny kills his father and wants to go see her dad about it but Danny refuses. Danny says he’s hand enough he’s going to leave Green Grove for good.


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At the police station Kyle makes it clear that finding Marliyn is their top priority. Jack hands gives Kyle a box of Vikram’s things so they can follow those leads. Back  at Jo’s Rico visits. She tells him that she doesn’t know where Danny is. Kyle finds a disc with contracts on it amongst Vikram’s things. On this disc is proof that the mayor worked with Vikram and he knew Marilyn. He goes to confront the mayor about it.


Gloria tells Kyle that Vikram loved her. She even reveals that Vikram was going to leave Karen for her. She also tells Kyle that Vikram told her to put the necklace in the locker.


Kyle catches Marilyn with the information that Gloria gave him. This is the end of the case. As the series is built around this case, it’s pretty huge news. Kyle goes to give a press conference about Regina’s case. As he’s going, Danny arrives. The press rush Danny. He doesn’t fully come clean. The final scene is someone finding Vikram’s body. We’re not sure who it is, however.  Did you think that Twisted solved the case too quickly? Or was it about time?