YE talks to haunting songstress, Ruelle!

You might not know the name Ruelle yet, but you’ve probably heard her music.

Maggie Eckford the woman behind the artist name, Ruelle, has had songs featured on Reckless, Scream, Teen Wolf (multiple times), and even So You Think You Can Dance, just to name a few. YE got the chance to hear from Ruelle on her name, what she loves about seeing her music on the screen, her musical style and more.

Check out the interview below! 


YE: Why the name Ruelle?

R: I wanted something that was one word…something that was sort of dark and mysterious. I had just been to France for the first time and fell in love with the culture there, so naturally I went with a French word. It has a few different meanings, one being “a chamber, especially as formerly used in France to hold a reception or literary gathering. a private circle or assembly.” My favorite meaning I found, however, is “famous wolf.” I thought that was pretty cool.

YE: How would you describe your music?

R: My songs definitely have a darker feel to them, but I think I’ve just always gravitated towards slightly more dramatic music that evokes emotion. I think because I’ve always been intrigued by movie scores, I wanted my music to have a very cinematic feel to it and lots of layers. I would describe it as dark, electronic, and cinematic.

(Check out more of Ruelle’s music on Soundcloud.)

YE: What inspires you?

R: Honestly, I think I’m the most inspired by traveling. I love experiencing new places and things. Sometimes I’ll even envision my own movie scenes or scenarios and write according to that. I’m inspired by the complexity of relationships as well….and naturally that comes out in a lot of my writing as well.

YE: Is there a song of yours that you are particularly proud of?

R: “For What It’s Worth” (released under the name Maggie Eckford) was probably my first song that ever really had any little bit of success…it was like my first child. I wrote it when I was living in Sydney, Australia and it was about someone I had to let go of, but it was like everywhere I went and every song I heard reminded me of that person. It reminds me so much of living in Sydney and all those memories still come swarming in when I hear that song.  It ended up landing a spot in a Japanese IPAD commercial! Ha. So random, but it was my first ever tv/film placement, which was so incredibly cool at the time.

YE: How does it feel to see your songs interpreted into a storyline on a TV show or through a dance?

R: I’ve always loved film, and experiencing the marriage of music and film/tv is one of the most rewarding parts of my career. I love watching my songs come to life in an entirely new way through the way others interpret it.

YE: What’s one of your favorite scenes featuring your music?

R: I was definitely geeking out when I watched So You Think You Can Dance! The way they interpreted the song was honestly so incredible and even slightly emotional for me.  I’ve also had moments where I have felt the opposite when watching the scene (some scenes have been a little more scandalous than I expected. Ha!), but it’s all part of it. Regardless, I love the way music brings film to life, and vice versa. It’s always been fascinating to me.

YE: Do you have any dream TV shows that you would love to see your music behind? 

R: Obviously it’s more fun when you actually watch the show! Ha….that being said, I think it would be cool to be on House of Cards or True Detective. I REALLY wanted a song on Parenthood, but sadly the show is over. Ha!

YE: Any dream musical collaborations? 

R: Oh gosh….I have so many. I would love to work with Odesza. I love their album “In Return” and I think they are brilliant producers.

YE: What is up next for you?

R: I’m working on my next project! Still in the writing process for that, but I’m really excited about it 🙂 Hoping to get a live show together for it as well.

YE: What are the top 5 songs you’re listening to right now? 

1. Take Shelter by Years and Years

2. Show me Love: Sam Feldt

3. Fineshrine: Purity Ring

4: Faded: Zhu (Odesza remix)

5. Activate: ASTR

Listen to Ruelle’s Top 5 songs below and follow her on Twitter & Instagram.