YEM attends Disney Channel’s Freaky Friday red carpet!

Disney Channel is one week away from premiering its newest original movie: Freaky Friday. The movie is about teenager Ellie Blake and her mom Katherine who magically switch bodies. You may have seen Freaky Friday before, but never like this- the new movie is also a musical!

YEM attended the movie’s premiere alongside and spoke to Disney Channel’s biggest names on the red (well, pink) carpet. Check out our recap below for exclusive talks with the stars of the movie and all your favorite Disney Channel stars!

Cozi Zuehlsdorff plays Ellie in Freaky Friday

YEM: What was it like to play Ellie in Freaky Friday? Was it a challenging role to play?

Cozi: It was definitely a challenge because I’m playing two roles, but it was the best challenge in the world. It was so much fun.

YEM: Have you seen any previous Freaky Friday movies?

Cozi:Before I booked the movie, I had only seen the Jodie Foster version (from 1976). After I was all done with the movie, I watched the Lindsay Lohan version (from 2003) and loved it! But I was happy that ours was very different.

YEM: What’s your favorite song from the movie?

Cozi: “Go” because it’s a song that almost the whole cast was in. It brings back a lot of awesome memories.

Jason Maybaum plays Fletcher in Freaky Friday and Levi in Raven’s Home

YEM: Had you watched any of the previous Freaky Friday movies before playing the part of Fletcher?

Jason: I’d seen the one with Lindsay Lohan. It was really good.

YEM: Did you watch it to get ready for this movie?

Jason: I actually just wanted to watch it for fun!

YEM: What’s ahead for your character, Levi, on Raven’s Home?

Jason: Season 2 is airing now, and there’s a musical episode coming out! Levi has changed a little. He’s a bit of a different character now because he’s getting older.

YEM: Did being a part of Freaky Friday help you prep for the Raven’s Home musical episode, since this new Freaky Friday movie is a musical?

Jason: It definitely helped me because I didn’t really sing before.

Sofia Wylie, Buffy from Andi Mack

Sky Katz, Tess from Raven’s Home 

Issak Presley, Ethan from Stuck In the Middle

Freaky Friday premieres August 10th on Disney Channel!