YEM Exclusive Interview: Teala Dunn chats with us about portraying the role of Stacey Clark in “Crush”

Teala Dunn is an actress that can be seen in the film Crush. Crush is about an aspiring young artist who joins her high school track team and later discovers what real love feels like when she finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate. Teala portrays the character of Stacey Clark in the film and worked with co-star Isabella Ferreira from Love, Victor. YEM was able to speak with Teala about the character of Stacey. Teala also shared what advice she would give her younger self. Along with that, she also spoke about what she has coming up.

Young Entertainment Mag: What was it like getting the role of Stacey Clark?

Teala Dunn: Getting the role of Stacy Clark was great, and unexpected since the name speaks to other ethnicities. I was so excited to book the role and bring her to life.   

YEM: Who is Stacey?

Teala: Stacey is a fun, wealthy, party girl who’s well liked by everyone, she’s a great friend, so supportive, and wants Page to find love.   

YEM: You and Tyler Alvarez (who plays Dillon) looked like you had so much fun filming this. What was it like for the two of you?

Teala: Tyler and I had a blast working together, every day we would take time to prepare for our kissing scenes off camera by greeting each other with a kiss to make sure it landed correctly with the chemistry needed, it was hilarious. We were very comfortable with each other and kept it fun. 

YEM: There were so many kissing scenes between you and Tyler. What were some mechanical errors that you had to go through or was it all pretty comfortable and smooth sailing?

Teala: Tyler and I had so much fun, we’d bring listerine strips to set and alway kept our mouths fresh as we kissed so many times lol  

YEM: What was one of the most challenging parts of this character and how did you overcome it?

Teala: The most challenging part by far was filming the track scenes, we all had to really run, it was crazy. We all were sweaty and winded but we kept up and it was fun.

YEM: Even though this is more of a rom-com type of film, there are still some elements of real life that young adults struggle with. What’s one thing you hope the audience takes away from this film? And what do you hope they take away from your character?

Teala: This film definitely has some real life challenges all people face like being comfortable with who you like/love. As for Stacey’s character I want the fans to know there’s always a Stacey around who’s fully supportive of you and will truly be in your corner.  There were so many supportive allies in this film, the principal, the parents. I truly hope the audience can relate to one or more characters in real life. It was such an amazing film to be a part of.   

YEM: If there’s one thing you can tell your younger self about this career path, what would it be and why?

Teala: I would say be true to yourself, you never have to change who you are to make people comfortable.

YEM: What’s next for you and your career?

Teala: I just wrapped another Film called Werewolf Games coming out next year, I play a lead and I’m so excited to tell you guys more. Stay tuned!

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