YEM Exclusive Interview | with Aaliyah Cinello from Circuit Breakers

To those who are fans of the Apple TV+ show Circuit Breakers, YEM is here to deliver the good news! We have an exclusive interview with Aaliyah Cinello, who starred as the character Charley from the show. This interview will touch on Aaliyah‘s thoughts on her character Charley, her memorable moments behind the scenes, Aaliyah‘s thoughts that surround the show, and much more. However, before we can even start this interview, here is some context surrounding the series first.

First, Circuit Breakers is an Apple TV+ exclusive series that works similarly to an anthology. This science-fiction series tells the stories of different students, and their curiosity often leads them to a series of chaotic events from a science-fiction perspective. The series is a bit unique, as it not only shows the issues that appear in these children’s lives in a more sci-fi setting but also creatively utilizes technology in these stories. The series was first released in November of 2022, and the show released 7 episodes for its 1st Season, all while developed by the creator, Melody Fox.

Aaliyah Cinello is one of the actresses in the show, starring as a future character named Charley in a future episode of Season 2 of the show. Aaliyah herself is a fast-rising actress and singer, and she began her career by modeling for huge brands, such as The Hudson’s Bay Company and Toys “R” Us. Throughout that time, Aaliyah eventually developed not only a natural talent but also felt comfortable being in front of a camera. This led to her transitioning from modeling to appearing in film and television. To those who knew of her as an actress, you might recognize her for her role in the remake of RoboCop, or perhaps for her role in Kim’s Convenience as Ashley or as a character in Make It Pop. She’s also well known for her voice-over work, which can be heard in Rusty RivetsMighty Express, and even Far Cry 6.

We start the interview by asking what Charley is like in the show, and who she is. Aaliyah happily explains that Charley is a “curious, witty, and supportive” character, who helps the protagonist Olivia (portrayed by Georgia Acken), whom Charley considers to be her best friend, through trying times. Aaliyah has expressed that when she was looking for the role of Charley, she was aiming toward shows that she was currently watching and tried to embody those traits into Charley. Aaliyah‘s favorite aspect of Charley is her character’s “conspiracy theorist” ways, mentioning that it was fun going on about Charley’s rambling and rants. Aaliyah does state that while Charley may be witty and smart, she does have her dull-witted moments, but those moments are overshadowed by her protective and perceptive nature. Aaliyah admires Charley’s character for this. She commented that during the moments when Olivia is in trouble, Aaliyah loved how Charley would approach any issues with a great attitude.

We then ask what Aaliyah‘s most memorable moment was on set. Aaliyah‘s most memorable moment was singing Hakuna Matata behind the scenes with her co-stars, right before they went on set. To her, it was amazing because of the number of voice cracks that came from it. When asked about what she hopes the audience will take away from the series, Aaliyah hopes that the audience “gains a wonder for the unknown, and know to not fear it”, as the worst situations can often turn into the best ones. When asked about the technology that’s used on the show, Aaliyah answers that they have props placed in front of them. The staff then sticks neon stickers on them for their eye lines, and they start pretending from there. When asked what one, singular word would best describe this show, Aaliyah answered with the word ‘unique’ with a big smile on her face.

We would like to thank Aaliyah for spending time with us on this interview, and informing us about her thoughts on the show, her character, what her most memorable moments were, and many more. You can follow her on Instagram at @aaliyahcinello. The details of Season 2 of Circuit Breakers have not been released yet, so for those who are fans of Aaliyah and the show itself, be sure to keep an eye out for any news about the series. Please watch the interview below as well where we ask Aaliyah even more questions about her role, her character, and her favorite scenes from the show. While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!