Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from February 5th-February 11th

Welcome back to the second week of February! Is everyone excited about what’s coming up in the next, few days after the 11th? For those ever curious about what’s coming out for the following week, YEM has selected the next, Top 10 of this week for you to read, listen to, and watch.

You (Season 4 – Part 1) – 2/9

Welcome back to the world of You, everyone. For those who have waited for the next season, Season 4 will be premiering live on February 9th! For those who haven’t seen the show yet, here is a brief synopsis of what you’ll expect. You stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who develops an obsessive love towards an aspiring writer. This psychological thriller puts you through the eyes of a stalker, and Penn does a fantastic job showing that Joe is the clear villain of this story, despite being the protagonist. If you’re new and interested in this synopsis, be sure to check out the show and its newest season on Netflix. For those who want more content on You, YEM had an exclusive interview with Jack Fisher, who starred as Young Joe. You can see the interview here:

Jack Fisher shares with YEM what it was like portraying young Joe in “YOU”

Not Dead Yet – 2/8

Has anyone ever read the romantic comedy fiction book known as Confessions of a Forty-Something F##k Up by Alexandra Potter? If you have, then here is some great news for you. Not Dead Yet is an upcoming, television series that is based on the best-selling book made by Alexandra. Nell Stevens’ life is best described to be a disaster, but when writing obituaries becomes the only job that she can find, Nell eventually meets an unlikely group of people who give her life advice that she would have never expected. If you’re interested in a synopsis such as that, or if you’re a fan of this adaptation of Alexandra’s book, be sure to check the show out on Hulu on February 8th.

Paramore – This Is Why – 2/10

After a long, four-year hiatus, Paramore returns with their latest album, This Is Why that’s set for release on February 10th. For those who are new to Paramore’s music and history, this band has been inactive and active for a long while. The band’s songs would often go “viral” now and then on TikTok, such as All I Wanted and Misery Business, and gained even more success after Olivia Rodrigo (who starred as Nina Salazar-Roberts in HSMTMTS) interpolated the song in her single, good 4 u. For those who are fans of their music from way back when, and for those who are new to their music, be sure to check out their album’s release on February 10th.

Your Place or Mine – 2/10

For those who are a fan of the best friend to lovers trope, here’s a goodie that’ll premiere on February 10th. Your Place or Mine stars Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher as Debbie and Peter, two long-distance best friends whose lives change when Debbie pursues her lifelong dream, while Peter volunteers to watch over her teenage son. For those who are yearning to learn more about this movie, this movie is set to premiere on Netflix on February 10th, so be sure to keep an eye out for the date.

Jade LeMac – Constellations – EP – 2/10

Fans of Jade LeMac’s music, here’s some good news for you! Jade’s latest EP titled Constellations is set for an expected release on February 10th. For those who need a refresher, Jade LeMac is a Canadian singer and songwriter who’s well known on TikTok for her single Constellations, which she released on August 2021. She mainly uses her Tiktok to showcase her newest music, and she had also released other songs such as Aimed to Kill and Let Me. This EP is set to be released on February 10th, so for those who are fans of her music, be sure to stay up to speed on the EP’s release.

This Time It’s Real by Ann Liang – 2/7

For those who are a fan of romcoms and fake relationships, here’s a book that you’ll enjoy. When Eliza Lin’s essay unexpectedly becomes viral, she faces a major issue. The contents of her essay details how she unexpectedly met the love of her life…which never happened, as it was all a fake. Not only does she face the rise of popularity caused by this essay, but also a huge internship that could launch her into her career with her favorite magazine. To keep her secret a secret, she strikes a deal with a famous actor in her class, Caz Song. In exchange for writing his college applications, he needs to pose as her boyfriend, which he happily accepts. The beginning of this carefully-laid plan was perfect, but when Eliza starts to feel a pull of heartstrings from this fake relationship, will she be able to follow her dreams even if that results in a broken heart? To those interested in the synopsis, be sure to check out the book at Barnes and Noble on February 7th.

Nothing Burns as Bright as You by Ashley Woodfolk – 2/7

To those interested in female friendships and love, here’s a book written by New York Times bestselling author, Ashley Woodfolk for all of you. Nothing Burns as Bright as You is a story about love, grief, and the complexities behind a female friendship. Not much is known about this book other than this: the two girls in the story were initially best friends, up until they became entangled in a romantic relationship with each other. Over a single day, the two must face what lies in their past, present, and future together and find that the fire in their hearts isn’t as easy to tame as they first believed.

To those curious as to how this tale will end, keep an eye on the date of February 7th for the book’s release on Barnes and Noble.

Mia Wray – Mia Wray – EP – 2/10

For those eager to hear music with soul, passion, and tension that’s controlled via soft melodies and a subtle, soulful sound that resonates in your mind: Mia Wray is set to release her EP Mia Wray on February 10th. For those curious about what the album EP will contain, the album will contain a few favorites that she had released, such as Rerun and Stay Awake. To those who want to hear the newest album, be sure to keep an eye on the album’s, release date.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter (Season 1) – 2/9

Are you a fan of cartoon shows and sci-fi? If so, here’s a show that will get you excited on February 9th. My Dad the Bounty Hunter is a television series that follows the adventure of a dad who’s known as the toughest, bounty hunter in the entire galaxy. But when his two children find out what his real occupation is, the two accidentally find themselves hitching a ride into space with him. If you’re interested in the story between a father and his two kids, be sure to check it out on Netflix on February 9th.

National Treasure – Edge Of History– Finale – 2/8

You’ve heard it here, folks. National Treasure: Edge of History is set for its season finale on February 8th of this year. To avoid spoilers, here’s a brief overview of what you’ll expect in the finale. Jess and her allies are set to outwit a certain individual, and Jess must use the knowledge that she had gathered from her adventure to not only escape, but to also protect the treasure. The season finale is set to premiere on February 8th, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the possible finale of Jess’ adventure!

What are you awaiting for this week? What were some of your favorites? Is there anything that isn’t listed here that you’re waiting for this week? Let us know in the comments below.