YEM Exclusive Interview | With Khylin Rhambo from Teen Wolf: The Movie

Is everyone excited about the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie? For those who can’t wait to see the movie on January 26th on Paramount+, YEM has a special treat for you. We have an exclusive interview with Khylin Rhambo, the original actor who starred as Mason Hewitt from the original Teen Wolf series! We are ecstatic to hear that Khylin will be reprising his role as Mason, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the movie. This interview will discuss several key moments, such as Khylin’s initial reaction to the movie’s announcement, his callback to reprise his role, his favorite moments and what he loved about Mason, and many more! Before we can start the interview, let’s first start with some context on the original series and Khylin’s character, Mason.

For those who need a refresher, Teen Wolf was a supernatural, drama show that revolved around werewolves and teenagers. Tyler Posey stars as the show’s main protagonist, Scott McCall, who had turned into a werewolf after he was bitten by an Alpha. From there, Scott has to not only control his newfound abilities and avoid getting killed by the same Alpha that bit him, but he also needs to protect his love interest Allison from harm. For those eager to read a more in-depth summary of Teen Wolf and its origins, consider reading the article surrounding Dylan Sprayberry right here:

As the movie dictates, the setting takes place years after the events of what happened in the show. Scott, older and mature, needs to gather both new and old allies to ward off the newfound threat that threatens his home. The movie has some of the original cast returning to their old roles, such as Khylin with his character, Mason.

Here is a summary of who Mason is. Mason was a supporting character for Seasons 4, 5, and 6 in the original show. Fans may know him better as the friend of Dylan’s character, Liam Dunbar, and the boyfriend of Corey Bryant, who was starred by Michael Johnston. During Mason’s time in later seasons, he eventually grew to become a loyal member of the McCall Pack, and eventually became the pack’s researcher. Then later on, he became the second-in-command for Liam after Liam had accepted his role as an Alpha for Scott’s pack, and eventually continued to continue researching as the ‘brains’ of the group. The movie has Mason all grown up, and fans are excited to see what sort of changes has happened to Mason, and his relationships.

We first asked Khylin what it was like when he found out that Teen Wolf was returning. He expressed that he was in extreme disbelief, and informed us about what he felt when he was on the final set of the show. He talked about how everyone was saying honest goodbyes, exchanging contact information, talking about how everyone was like family–so to suddenly hear that felt like he was stepping into a whole, new reality. When we explained that Dylan had received a text and it was through that was how he had found out, Khylin said that he heard rumors about it. But when he sent Jeff a DM and jokingly (while also shooting his shot) asked to “tag him in, coach” in the movie, he was pleasantly surprised and appreciative that Jeff would keep him in mind. Afterward, he received a call from Dylan and was offered to be in the movie, which Khylin happily accepted. Khylin admits it’s not the most traditional way as a callback, but then he found out that he was going to be in the film way before his manager and agent knew, which further increased his suspension of disbelief regarding the movie’s announcement.

We also asked Khylin what his favorite scene was in the original series. Khylin stated that he had different favorites, ranging from an actor’s standpoint and a silly one. From an actor’s standpoint, his favorite scene was when Mason was discovered as the Beast, and Mason had to run away from the Dread Doctors. The exertion of projecting as much imagination as you possibly can be exhilarating to Khylin, and he fondly remembers the line that he had to shout. He mentioned that he was trying to figure out how to make it sound less corny, but once he was in the action, anything logical took a backseat and the feeling of ‘doing’ took over. Khylin states that it’s his dream when a scene takes you over, stating that it’s an intoxicating feeling. For those eager to hear about his favorite moment from a silly standpoint, be sure to watch the interview down below!

We would like to thank Khylin for spending his time with us on this interview, and we truly enjoyed speaking to him about his reprised role as Mason! You can follow him on his Instagram @khylinrhambo. Remember to keep your calenders marked for Mason’s return as Liam in Teen Wolf: The Movie for January 26th of this year in Paramount+. Please also watch the interview below where we ask Khylin about his connection with Mason, his moments on set with the original cast, and more! While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!