YEM Exclusive Interview | with the cast of “Vampire Academy”

The spooky season may be over, but we will still indulge in our horror obsession here at YEM! We recently got a chance to sit down with two stars from the hit show Vampire Academy: Sisi Stringer, who plays Rosemarie Hathaway, a half human half vampire, and Daniela Nieves, who plays Lissa Dragomir, a vampire princess. 

Sisi Stringer and Daniela Nieves

If you don’t know, Vampire Academy is based on a series of novels of the same name by author Richelle Mead. It tells the tale of students who attend a prestigious boarding school. But St. Vladimir’s Academy isn’t your typical school; it’s in a secret location where half-human teenagers are trained to guard fully-fledged vampires and where vampires are taught the arts of magic! In training to be a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi vampire princess, is Rosemarie Hathaway, a dhampir. 

After being on the run, Rosemarie and Lissa are forced back to St. Vladimir’s, where they face many significant challenges. Dimitri Belikov, the head of the guardians who found the two runaways, becomes responsible for looking after Lissa. He offers to coach Rosemarie because he thinks she has potential and can make up for the years she missed from school by studying hard. Rosemarie also has a unique relationship with Lissa that enables her to access the princess’s moods, thoughts, and, most crucially, her whereabouts; therefore, in Dimitri’s opinion, Rosemarie is ultimately the best guardian for Lissa. Rosemarie later consents to Dimitri’s teachings when she realizes that this is the only way she will have a chance to be named Lissa’s official guardian after graduation. 

Vampire Academy is in its first season and airs exclusively on the Peacock network. The Peacock network is also home to many great shows we at YEM have covered on our website and social media platforms. We recently sat down with three cast members from the hit Peacock show One of Us Is Lying: Jess McLeod, Annalisa Cochrane, and Chibuikem Uche. If you don’t know about the show, it is a classic who-done-it but with a youthful and edgy twist. The story centers around five high schoolers: Simon, Copper, Nate, Addy, and Bronwyn. During their stint in detention, Simon is murdered. The gruesome murder leaves the other four remaining students under suspicion. 

Like One of Us is Lying and Vampire Academy, the Peacock network is filled with great shows for teens and young adults centered around many dramatic, action packed and mystical plot lines. 

Sisi Stringer has portrayed many characters outside of her intense role as Rosemarie in Vampire Academy. The talented actress, who hails from Australia, has been in a string of hit films, such as Milena in the 2021 movie Mortal Combat and Tanika in the 2020 film Children on the Corn. She tends to play strong and out-of-the-box characters, making her acting stand out from many other rising young talents in the industry. Currently, Sisi is starring in her next project as Beth in the yet-to-be-released film Force of Nature. Force of Nature tells the tale of five women who go on a hiking excursion, and only four return to civilization. In addition to acting, Sisi is also a talented assistant director. 

Daniela Nieves, a native of Venezuela, also has a thriving and impressive acting career. Despite her young age, she has starred in dozens of hit tv shows. Those shows include Save MeAll RiseEvery Witch Way, and Five Points

Sisi and Daniela were kind enough to discuss their roles in season 1 of Vampire Academy exclusively with YEM. So, check out a quick interview synopsis below, and then stay tuned for a link to watch the entire video exclusively on YEM’s YouTube channel!

We started by asking how these two talented actresses could portray their characters’ close bond on screen. Sisi and Lissa discussed how social media (amongst other things) played a part in how they effectively transferred their real-life friendship to their fictional friendship.

Sisi also shared with us how she prepares for those fantastic fight scenes her character Rosemary has in Vampire Academy! You will be as impressed as we were with her answer, which includes hand-to-hand combat training!

Sisi Stringer

YEM also got a bit personal when we asked Daniela about her real-life self and character. You will have to watch the video to find out what we asked Daniela and how she answered!

Daniela Nieves

We had so much fun speaking to Sisi and Daniela. You can follow the two on Instagram at @sisistringer and @danielanieves. YEM readers, don’t forget to watch Vampire Academy exclusively airing on the Peacock network. Please watch our interview at the link below. While you’re there, like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest entertainment updates. And if you still can’t get enough Vampire Academy content, be sure to watch our reviews and other cast member interviews on our website and social media platforms.