“She does a lot of screams.” Sydney Mikayla FaceTimes Us About Getting into Character as Soleil Le Claire in Fright Krewe Season Two

It’s time for a scare! There are some new villains and monsters added to the animated supernatural series Fright Krewe for season two. We got to FaceTime with Sydney Mikayla, who voices Soleil Le Claire in the show about getting her voice into character and her favorite horror movies.

Fright Krewe follows Soleil Le Claire and a gang of misfit teens. The teens become tasked with saving New Orleans from the biggest demon it has faced in two centuries. In season two, the Fright Krewe and their supernatural allies come together for an unprecedented battle to save the world as the demon, Belial, stops at nothing and resurrects every demon he can. The show was created by horror director Eli Roth and author James Frey.

“[Soleil] has got a lot of layers, so I think just communicating and trying a bunch of stuff. I’ve definitely had some projects where I just say it, pop it out, and boom, but Soleil in the best way wasn’t that, we really had to work and find it.”

Sydney is no stranger to voice acting. She has voiced characters in many animated series including The Loud House, We Bare Bears and the voice of Wolf in the Netflix series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. Sydney’s held many screen roles, most notably in 2014 when she portrayed Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas in the Lifetime biopic. She won a Young Artist Award for that role! She has also appeared in episodes of Fuller House, Game Shakers, and was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Trina Robinson in General Hospital

Sydney loves horror movies. She revealed, if Soleil had to fight against any monster or villain from any other show or movie, she would have gone head-to-head against Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel Universe. 

To get into character, Sydney said she does a variety of different vocal warmups, including vocal sirens and tongue twisters. There is also a vocal straw exercise that she loves to do. Because her character screams a lot in the series and especially in season two, she channels the intensity of fear and likes to learn which villains Soleil is facing off against. 

Consider this: 

  • Vocal sirens are similar to vocal roller coasters, where you sing a smooth, continuous glissando from your lowest note to your highest, then back down again. This helps with warming up and extending your vocal range. 

While Sydney doesn’t often get to be in the same room as her co-stars, she said the biggest learning from them is to try different things. Soleil is a complex character and Sydney can try many different methods to get into character. 

“This is kind of a dope thing with a lot of the characters I voice, when they go into season two, they kind of step into their own and I love that moment.”

Thank you, Sydney, for FaceTiming with Young Entertainment! Follow her on her Instagram at @officialsydneymikayla. Watch the interview, where we learn more about funny off mic moments and what Soleil would order at a New Orleans restaurant. Like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment.


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