YEM Giveaway – We’re giving away two new novels!

YEM is hosting a giveaway for two page-turning novels that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat! (SEE RULES BELOW)


GIVEAWAY ONE: “One of Us Is Lying” by author Karen McManus.  Between the sports star, the nerd, the bad boy, and the prom queen, each character lives a normal life at Bayview high – until an outsider makes his way into the bunch.  Outsider, Simon, is also the creator of the new notorious gossip app, which releases the student’s deepest, darkest secrets for the whole school to see.  When Simon is found dead less than 24 hour before the secrets of the characters are released, investigators conclude that it is no accident.  All of them are suspects.  One of them is lying. Can you tell who?


GIVEAWAY TWO:When Dimple Met Rishi” by author Sandhya Menon.  Dimple is a young Indian woman who has just graduated and is more than ready to attend a summer program, in order to escape from her mother’s constant obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband”.  Rishi is a hopeless romantic young man, so when his parents tell him he’s going to meet his future wife at the summer program he’s attending, he’s beyond excited.  This heartfelt novel told in two alternating perspectives provides for a laugh-out-loud experience while reading about the arranged marriage between two young Indian teens.


Giveaway rules: In order to win one of the books, take a screenshot of the article, post it on your Instagram page and tag us (@YOUNGENTMAG) in the pic.  The two contestants to receive the most likes by the end of the week will win one of the books.  Good luck and happy reading!

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