Meet The Jetsons!

A potential live action adaptation of The Jetsons has been in the works for quite some time.   However, it looks like that idea has been scraped again for a new animated feature adaptation. Warner Bros has announcement that Conrad Vernon has been signed on to helm the film. Vernon’s most previous work was co-directing the raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party. They are drastically different stories in terms of subject matter, but Vernon’s additional credits include co-directing Shrek 2, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. However, many of you will probably know him best from his voice work as The Gingerbread Man from the Shrek film series. The animated film is still in early development, so it will be quite some time until we see Vernon’s vision of the space family. However, we’re here to hold you over. We’re going to run through our top picks to voice each cast member of The Jetsons.


George Jetson – John Slattery

One of our biggest questions about this movie is how Vernon decides to shape the character of George Jetson. In the 60’s cartoon, George was always eccentric and acted like a goofball. It is also common for modern-day comedies to include the “dimwitted father” figure.   However, we at YEM hope that this portrayal of George is less wacky. We’re hoping for of something closer to Danny Tanner from Full House. He can certainly be funny and weird at times, but can deliver heartfelt words of wisdom when his children need it. Who can fill these rocket powered boots? John Slattery is a great option. Slattery is a talented actor right with the perfect physique to play a middle-aged dad. He is mostly known for his role as Roger Sterling on Mad Men, which demonstrated his ability to be dramatic and authoritative. If you watch for his small role in The Adjustment Borough, you will also see that Slattery has a knack for creating comic relief in dramatic situations.


Jane Jetson – Betsy Brandt

Brandt is known for her role as Marie on the Breaking Bad. When thinking about who could pull off Jane, Brandt was our first choice. Much of the drama for her character on Breaking Bad, dealt with the dynamic between her and her husband. She was there to react to her husband’s crazy moments, but also had a few of her own. She is in the perfect age range, and we think she would have a lot of chemistry with John Slattery.


Judy Jetson – Molly Ephraim

Ephraim was a main character on the recently cancelled comedy Last Man Standing. Her character, Mandy, is a popular and fashionable teenager with a sassy lip. Ephraim does an excellent job at playing a cliché millennial, obsessed with reality television and social media. We’ve seen a lot of funny moments from her, but also some moments between Mandy her dad (Played by Tim Allen). We think she would do a wonderful job at bringing the futuristic teenager to life.


Elroy Jetson – Jacob Tremblay

Jacob Tremblay is a very young actor who has a lot of talent in such a small package. He amazed audiences with his role of Jack in the academy award winning film Room. At the young age of ten, he is an up and coming actor with a bright future. We doubt there are many characters this kid can’t handle, and he is the perfect age to play the Jetson’s youngest child. It would be a lot of fun to see him in a comedy, especially with the talented cast on this list.


Rosie – Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal is probably most recognizable of all the actors on this list. You will recognize her most for her roles on Sons of Anarchy, Married…With Children, and the Disney Channel movie Smart House. Rosie will most likely have a smaller presence than the other family members, so the actress will have very little time to make her presence known. That is why Sagal is our choice to play the Jetson’s Robotic Maid. Sagal is very recognizable for her voice, and has a certain charisma about her that is all her own. If you have any doubts, just watch the aforementioned Smart House. She is certainly capable of playing a robotic character.


Astro – Neil Fanning

Who better to voice a talking dog, then a guy who previously voiced a talking dog? Neil Fanning voiced Scooby Doo in the two theatrical films from the early 2000’s. He did such a great job, that many children believed Scooby Doo was real. He even managed to pull off chemistry with the other cast members. He would be a fine addition to the Jetson family.


Mr. Spacely – Jonathan Banks

It took some time, but YEM came up with a very exciting choice to play Mr. Spacely.   We eventually settled on Breaking Bad alumni, Jonathan Banks. His character Mike is smart, tough, and very intimidating for such a short old man. Banks is a great actor, and it would take too long to list all the reasons why he is the perfect choice. However, for starters I’ll say that he is a versatile actor. He can be kooky, but he can also be the smartest guy in the room. It’s up to Vernon (Director) how smart vs. how crazy Mr Spacely will be, but bringing in Banks will allow for a lot of possibility.


That’s our picks for the cast of the new animated Jetsons movie. We probably wont here official announcements anytime soon, but hopefully Warner Bros or Vernon (Director) will read this and sign on some of these actors. Either way, we’re excited to see the Jetsons on the big screen.