YEM Interview: Aedin Mincks speaks about being part of Cobra Kai

Aedin Mincks is an actor who can be seen in Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai is a show that can be watched on Netflix. The show takes place after “The Karate Kid”  thirty four years after events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. A down-and-out Johnny Lawrence seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai dojo, reigniting his rivalry with a now successful Daniel LaRusso. YEM was able to speak with Aedin about a major takeaway he has had while studying acting, his favorite memory so far in your acting career, and why acting is so important to him.

Young Entertainment Mag: What has it been like being a part of Netflix’s Cobra Kai?

Aedin Mincks: Like having a dream come true. I love the show so it’s not like work- it’s just getting to be a part of something you love.

YEM: How has being in a show like Cobra Kai differed from your experiences on Disney?

Aedin: For starters, I was much younger when I was on Disney. Different styles of shooting, different circumstances too, for instance I was still in school when I was on A.N.T. Farm so I would have school on set, and it felt like it took longer. Funny thing is, a lot of the fan base is the same – Peyton, Jacob and myself were all regulars on Disney so a lot of people know us all from there. Or,they’re super surprised when they figure it out.

YEM: How does it feel knowing you’re on a show doing so well on Netflix?

Aedin: Proud, honored and humbled for sure.

YEM: You started as a commercial actor at a young age, how do you think that shaped your acting?

Aedin: I got to work with some great directors that did both commercials and film. For example: I recurred on the Capital Commercials as the viking/visigoth kid, like in over 20 spots. Crazy coincidence: the director was Harald Zwart- (director of Jayden Smiths’/ Jackie Chan’s The Karate Kid)

YEM: What experiences helped you later in TV?

Aedin: I mainly worked with seasoned adults, older actors. So I had to keep up with them. In my first commercial with Capital One, I was about 8 yrs old and I had to sit in the makeup chair and have a beard put on each time, so I would have to be careful all day including during lunch which was not fun – it was itchy and I just had to put up with it. That for sure helped me prepare for all of the prosthetics we would have on A.N.T. Farm. And just keeping your wardrobe clean all day – which is a bigger thing on sets than most people would think.

YEM: How did studying with The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade help you become a better actor?

Aedin: Improv is good for everybody, not just actors. It helps with confidence and being quick on your feet. I actually started out doing improv at a smaller scale place in Sherman Oaks at the time called LA Comedy Connection. Kent Skov was our teacher and I was in the little kids class- he had to talk to my parents a few times because I was usually “Crossing the line” in my comedy and it was deemed “Inappropriate for that age range”.

YEM: What is a major takeaway you’ve had while studying acting?

Aedin: Acting is not like a regular 9-5 job. Not everyone is going to be working all of the time, although I have been pretty lucky to have worked pretty consistently – you still have periods of nothing. It’s an art.

YEM: What’s an important aspect you try to take with you and remember when preparing for a role?

Aedin: Keep it real. I don’t imagine myself as a character, I imagine myself in the character’s position and see how I would personally feel/ respond or act.

YEM: How have you grown as an actor/person from your role in Disney’s “A.N.T Farm?”

Aedin: I spent 3 years on that set and was lucky enough to be able to work on other projects for the first 2 seasons because I  wasn’t tied to a contract. So during that time I was working on a family- friendly show, but then taking off for some time to work on 2 of the Biggest R Rated comedies 2 years in a row. Working with huge actors – I learned a ton from all different genres.

YEM: Which of your other TV performances do you think personally made you a better actor?

Aedin: All of them. They all helped shape who I am in my career. You get to see how different directors can be as well as different styles of acting from the actors themselves.

YEM: What was it like working with big actors like Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Bradley Cooper, and of course Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Aedin: I honestly didn’t look at them like I was intimidated probably because they were each so cool and inviting to me. I actually walked up to The Rock and Billy Bob Thornton on our first day on set for Faster and apparently introduced myself by saying, “Hey, do you know those Capital One commercials with the vikings? That’s Me!” I was really proud of that and it apparently made an impact because Billy Bob brought it up in an interview when he was doing press for the movie. I was however pretty excited to meet Seth McFarlane because I knew him from Family Guy. He would actually direct me in his character’s voices.

YEM: What did you learn from them?

Aedin: Ones that stood out to me: Billy Bob and I both love music. We had a long car scene and just chatted the whole time. Mila Kunis is really funny and super chill. Mark has an entourage with him everywhere he goes and is just one of the nicest guys to everyone on set. Giovanni Ribisi is very focused when he is preparing for a scene- he really gets into his character – he is amazing to watch and learn from. And Seth gave me valuable advice while on set, “Don’t let Family Guy be your moral compass”

YEM: How does it change from TV acting to film acting/ and are there different techniques you’ve learned and need to know for each?

Aedin: There is single camera and multi cam for TV, totally different styles with different timing for the beats. I just learned from experience.

YEM: What are you most excited about for your character on season 4 of Cobra Kai?

Aedin: I honestly am just as excited about seeing the new season as the fans are.

YEM: What is your favorite memory so far in your acting career?

Aedin: All of the places I have gotten to travel to like Thailand and Boston and getting to work with all of these people.

YEM: Why is acting important to you?

Aedin: It’s what I do. It’s my art. It’s what I love.

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