YEM Interview: Carter Ryan shares what its like returning as his character in the spinoff show “When Hope Calls”

Carter Ryan is an actor who will be in the upcoming episode “When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas”. “When Hope Calls” is a spin off of a show Carter was in called “When Calls the Heart”. Carter will be returning as Cody Stanton, his character from “When Calls the Heart”. The episode airs on December 18th. YEM was able to speak with Carter about his first lead role, what it was like being a series regular, and what projects he has coming up.

Young Entertainment Mag: You’ve been acting forever, since only eight months old in a commercial. How has this impacted your career?

Carter Ryan: It was a cool way to start out. Obviously, I don’t remember being on set and doing the job, but my mom says I loved the attention! I would love to make people laugh, make silly faces, and dance around at a young age. I also liked making traps and doing silly things that seemed to get my family’s attention. So I guess acting was a part of my career path, and I didn’t know it.

YEM: You didn’t start back up until age 7, though. Why did you take that break, and what made you decide to get back into it?

Carter: My mom says I didn’t seem as interested in the auditions for the next couple of years, but I got back into it because of my sister. She had been auditioning and filming since she was young, and during one of her acting classes, the school asked if I wanted to join in and have some fun. My sister encouraged me, so I gave it a try. Ten months into taking classes, I booked my first role in a movie, “Her Infidelity.” It was a great experience working with everyone, and I got to learn what it’s really like behind the scenes of T.V. shows and Movies.

YEM: Did you continue to love acting while growing up?

Carter: Even though I took a break when I was really young, I loved acting growing up. I often wondered what it was like behind the scenes of the shows I loved so much. I also loved meeting new people, learning lines, and creating characters for Film and T.V.

YEM: Have there been other things you want to try out besides acting?

Carter: I’ve considered many other things; I wanted to be an Architect at one point. I loved mansions and cool-looking houses, so I thought it would be fun to design my own one day. I built lots of Lego and played Minecraft, which promoted my creative building side. Later on, I thought I could be a scientist, as it is cool and fun to learn. Being a Biochemist seems exciting because they use electron microscopes and conduct very complicated experiments with modeling software; this is my nerdier side.

YEM: What was it like being a lead in Her Infidelity?

Carter: It was lots of fun being a lead in Her Infidelity. I loved being in so many scenes with everyone, and the people there were all so kind. It was the best experience I could have had for my first gig; after that, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I especially loved having my trailer. Also, I loved eating all the food they had in crafty in my spare time, and the meals were awesome.

YEM: What did you learn from that first lead role?

Carter: I learned how much fun it can be on set. Being an actor takes a lot of preparation. My mom and I had a system that worked for me as we broke down the character and scenes and studied my lines. She has been my most significant influence and has gotten me to where I am today in my career.

The role felt like a normal kid like me. So it was natural; I could just be myself and live an everyday life with a mom and a dad. Except, of course, with a crazy teacher! You will have to watch the show! I got to work with some great actors, and the experience couldn’t have been any better. One cool thing is one day during filming, my friend from school showed up as a background actor, which we thought was totally awesome.

YEM: You’re known for your role as Cody in When Calls the Heart. What was that role like for you?

Carter: The role has been a lot of fun and has been very special to me. I like playing Cody because he is a good kid with a good heart and cares about everybody. As a character that explores emotional storylines, Cody has had experiences where he was not treated fairly by some other characters on the show. For instance, he was an orphan; he’s stood up to a mean teacher and stood up to a bully in defense of a friend. My goal is for fans to feel his experiences as they happen on-screen. I enjoyed working on the scenes with Abigail, Lori Loughlin, who was always great. One of my stand-out memories was when I had to cry in a scene for the very first time. I worked with the director, Peter Deluise, and he gave me a few tips to help me bring my emotions into the scene, and it worked. Then Peter said something like, now shake it off and get some ice cream!

YEM: Was it difficult coming into the show in season 3?

Carter: It was a bit scary because everyone already knew each other because they had previously filmed two seasons together. However, everyone in the cast is warm and caring, and I fit in pretty well and soon became friends with all of them.

YEM: What did it feel like when you became a series regular?

Carter: I was thrilled when I became a series regular. Initially, I was only supposed to come to the show and leave shortly after that first appearance. But, thankfully, there was a lot more of Cody to explore and share with the audience. I am grateful to have played Cody for as long as I have.

YEM: What’s one thing you learned from an established actor you’ve worked with, and how did you use it in your future work?

Carter: I learned that there is a time to be funny and relaxed and a time to be serious. I worked with Daniel Lissing, and he was always having fun on set. He would have fun right up to the moment of filming, which the kids all loved. I guess you could say I watched him for the cues. However, my mom would probably argue and say that my good manners kept me focused when I was supposed to be.

YEM: What was it like when you heard you’d be returning as Cody in the new spin-off When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas?

Carter: When I got the news, I was very excited, especially when I found out I had to take a flight to get to the destination to film. I was looking forward to seeing Morgan Kohan because she was fun to work with on WCTH, and I was really excited to work with Lori Loughlin again. Even though I’m taller than her now, it felt like we picked up right where we left off. When Hope Calls was a great experience, and I’m so happy to be part of it.

YEM: What can you tell us about/ what are you most excited for in the new Christmas spin-off coming December 18th?

Carter: I can say that I’m excited for everyone to see it. Watching other scenes and what I’ve been a part of looks great, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am sure the fans won’t be disappointed!

YEM: Do you have any other new roles or projects coming up you can tell us about?

Carter: As you know, When Hope Calls on December 18th, and I’m auditioning for several projects right now.

YEM: What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Carter: I like to play video games; some of my favorites are Apex Legends and Rust. We just recently got a home gym, so I’m working out. I like to hang out with friends whenever possible, and I love swimming in my pool. I enjoy spending time with my dog, Baxter, and she’s the best!

YEM: What’s one of your favorite memories from your acting career so far?

Carter: I have so many favorite memories as I love what I do during my acting career, but some of my favorite memories would be when we’re not filming. I was nominated and went to 2 awards shows in L.A. with Christian Michael Cooper, and then several awards shows here with him and Jaiven Natt. We won a few of the awards we were nominated for, and I was happy and grateful to take home three awards for my role as Cody in When Calls the Heart (both in L.A. and one at the Joey Awards here in Vancouver). When we went to the Joey Awards, It was the most fun I’ve ever had because we all stayed in the same hotel, just rooms apart. We ran up and down the halls, played video games, and just made the most of the experience. It was fun being a part of the award shows, getting dressed up, and doing the interviews (even though I always got nervous). It was nice to see all the other actors in the room and their accomplishments, and we just celebrated together, and it didn’t matter whether we won or not. After the awards, we went for dinner and then just chilled for the night.

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