YEM Interview: Lola Raie speaks about her experience doing voice over acting in Ainbo Spirit of the Amazon

Lola Raie is an actress who was recently in Yes Day and Ainbo Spirit of the Amazon. Yes Day was a film released on Netflix, and Ainbo Spirit of the Amazon was an animated film. YEM was able to speak with Lola about what it was like working on Yes Day, how she balances work and school, and any roles she may have coming up.

Young Entertainment Mag: You started at the young age of 4 in theater plays. How did that help shape your career?

Lola Raie: I always liked performing, but being on stage made me want more! A friend in the play introduced me to my first manager, and two days after, I signed with my first agent!

YEM: What’s one thing you take from doing theater with you in all your other roles?

Lola: My memorization skills and making the writer’s words my own. At 4, my mom read me my lines, and I just memorized them from word. After that, I loved being on stage!

YEM: You’ve done a wide range of things from commercials to TV to animation. How do they all differ/how are they similar?

Lola: Commercials are usually more happy and animated, where TV and film characters are more grounded and have more emotion to them. Animation is using your Voice to show emotions.

YEM: Do you prefer to act in one over the other?

Lola: I love all areas , but I really love TV and film!

YEM: What was it like working on “Yes Day” with Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega?

Lola: I actually did not shoot on the same day as them, so I didn’t meet them.

YEM: What did you learn from them from an acting standpoint? Any life lessons?

Lola: Well, just being on any set, you learn from other actors.

YEM: What were your experiences voicing your first animation in “Ainbo Spirit of the Amazon?”

Lola: I got to perfect my Spanish accent. In addition, I got to work closely with one director in the booth while skyping with the other director while he was in Peru.

Photo Credit: Amy Pogue

YEM: How did it differ from other roles you’ve had?

Lola: got to showcase my Voice and bring Ainbo’s actions to life!

YEM: What drew you to Ainbo as a character and to the film itself?

Lola: I wanted to be a warrior princess who saves the Amazon. She is my spirit animal.

YEM: Have you always had an interest in voice acting?

Lola: I was told I had an excellent voice for Voice over, so I gave it a shot, and it turns out I enjoy it!

YEM: What’s it like balancing acting and school?

Lola: School is my first priority. I homeschool, so my schedule is more flexible so that I can do both!

YEM: Is it hard maintaining a social life on top of it all?

Lola: It’s not that hard. Covid made having a social life a little more challenging, but I stay pretty busy with acting, classes, karate, guitar, and surfing. I have a couple of close friends, and we try to meet up as much as possible.

YEM: Do you have any exciting roles coming up?

Lola: Yes! I have a part in a new Disney+ series airing next year!

YEM: What’s one of your favorite memories from the acting you’ve done?

Lola: Getting to work with Dan Stevens on Legion was fun! It was right after he played Beast in the Disney live-action Beauty and the Beast.

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