YEM Interview: Christian and Sebastian Cote share what they learned from working alongside Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union in Cheaper by the Dozen

Christian and Sebastian Cote are identical twin actors. They will be in the upcoming film Cheaper by the Dozen. The film premieres exclusively on Disney+ on March 18th. The twins will be portraying the characters of Bailey and Bronx Baker. Cheaper by the Dozen follows a man and his wife navigate a hectic home life while trying to raise 10 children and manage the family business. The movie is a reimagining of the 2003 family favorite. YEM was able to speak with Christian and Sebastian about the audition process, working alongside each other, and about the original Cheaper by the Dozen.

Young Entertainment Mag: Hi Christian and Sebastian, thanks for taking the time. How excited are you two to be in Cheaper by the Dozen?

Christian and Sebastian Cote: Thank you for having us. This is our feature film debut, so we are REALLY excited!

YEM: What was it like to work alongside actors Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union? Was there anything you two learned from them?

Christian and Sebastian: It was cool. We learned from them to stay focused even during really funny scenes and to keep going even if you make a mistake.

YEM: We saw that you two shared the role of George Keller in Hulu’s, Monsterland. What was it like being on a horror show? Were you two ever scared?

Christian and Sebastian: It was fun, but we didn’t realize it was a horror show, so we weren’t scared at all.

YEM: What was the audition process like to be in Cheaper by the Dozen? What was the first thing you two did when you found out you got the roles?

Christian and Sebastian: It was a long process. We sent in a self tape and a few weeks later, we met with the casting director. We didn’t hear anything for a long time because of Covid. But then we met the Director, Mrs. Gail [Lerner] via Zoom and the rest is history! When our mom told us we got the part, we jumped up and down in excitement!


YEM: Is this the first time you two are acting alongside one another?

Christian and Sebastian: We’ve worked together in commercials, but this the first major project we got to act alongside each other.

YEM: Did it really feel like you all were a family on the set of Cheaper by the Dozen?

Christian and Sebastian: Yes! We connected instantly and have a special bond with the other kids. We still stay in touch.

YEM: How much fun was it to do a movie with kids close to your age?

Christian and Sebastian: It was super fun! We got to play and joke with each other in between scenes and on our days off. We remain friends even though we live far apart.

YEM: Have you two seen the original Cheaper by the Dozen or Cheaper by the Dozen 2? Is there anything from those movies you wanted to hold on to in this version?

Christian and Sebastian: Yes! We really liked the pranks even though they got in trouble. This version is a fresh take on the hit 2003 film about the raucous exploits of a blended family of 12, but like the previous films, it keeps the humor, heart and headaches that come with it.


YEM: Outside of acting, is there anything you two like to do in your free time?

Christian and Sebastian: We like to play video games, chess and basketball.

YEM: Was there anyone in the cast you especially enjoyed working alongside in Cheaper by the Dozen?

Christian and Sebastian: We liked working with everyone, but Leo Abelo Perry who plays Luca was exactly our age. He showed us around LA and we hung out a lot outside of work. It felt like he was our real brother.

YEM: Is there a movie you two love to watch together? Or a movie your family always watches together?

Christian and Sebastian: Our whole family loves Harry Potter, but lately we watch Encanto a lot!

YEM: Do you two have any special plans for the premiere of the movie?

Christian and Sebastian: We will be in LA for the premiere, but when we get back home, we plan to have a watch party with family and friends.

YEM: Where can readers find you on social media?

Christian and Sebastian: Our official Instagram is @thecote_twins

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