YEM Exclusive Interview: Conor Sweeney talks about “Don’t Look Up” and working Leonardo DiCaprio

Conor Sweeney is an actor. He was recently in the Netflix film Don’t Look Up. Don’t Look Up is a Netflix film that follows two low-level astronomers that must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth. In the film Conor portrays the character of Marshall Mindy . YEM interviewed Conor all about the movie, what it was like working with such an amazing cast, and all about his experience being part of the film.

When asked “Is there anything that you learned about your craft or making movies in general from working on this movie since you were surrounded by so many heavy hitters?” Conor said “Yes, definitely. I learned so much every single moment of every single day with them. I think my biggest takeaway is just how to lead a set and be number 1, be number 2, still make it seem like its a team sport, and making everyone feel like they are on even playing fields. It goes back to what I was saying about how it felt like a small little indie movie because there were no egos, everyone was in it together, everyone treated each other like peers. That was one of my biggest takeaways- how to act on a film set when you’re this big gigantic celebrity and leading with no ego. I would say I got to sit across from Jen and Timothee and watch them when the cameras would be right next to my head and just on them. It was awesome to see them work and just see them explore and take their time. I have seen the movie so many times now and I love to watch Jen work, and I love her use of breath. It is really awesome to see how she grounds herself with breath and one of the lines she says at the end- I remember feeling that, sitting there and seeing how she got there. I was just studying and being a student the whole time while also being a peer of all these people. 

To learn more about Conor and his experience being a part of Don’t Look Up make sure to watch the full interview with Conor below. Don’t forget to watch Conor in the film Don’t Look Up on Netflix.