Top 10 Things to Read, Watch, and Listen to from 1/23-29

1. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (Disney Plus) (January 28)

Ice Age returns with The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. This prehistoric sequel finds Buck helping possums Crash and Eddie survive, and find a home of their own, before dinosaurs completely dominate the Lost World.

2. The Orbital Children, Season One (Netflix) (Streams January 28)

Anime lovers can go on an exciting new adventure with the premiere of The Orbital Children (2022-) on Netflix. The show follows five kids- two born on the moon, the other three born on Earth- who struggle to survive after being stranded on Earth due to an accident aboard their space station.

3. Home Team (Netflix) (Streams January 28)

Looking for a laugh? Then look no further than Kevin James’ new comedy Home Team. In it, James portrays real-life New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, who coaches his son’s football team, following Payton’s suspension for the 2012 NFL season due to his involvement in the Saints’ Bountygate scandal.

4. The Temperature of Me and You by Brian Zepka (Releases January 25)

In this whirlwind romance, two boys named Dylan and Jordan start a relationship in Philadelphia. However, after Dylan spikes a fever, and starts coughing flames, it leads to revelations about Jordan’s heritage. It’s a literal out-of-this-world love story about the lengths we’ll go to, to tend to who we love.

5. Moon Knight Trailer (My Thoughts) by Jeremy Jahns (YouTube)

If you’re into Marvel movies, then you may have seen the recent trailer for Moon Knight (2022).Join popular reviewer Jeremy Jahns as he delves into his thoughts on the upcoming superhero adaptation. It’s going to be awesome-tacular!

6. Pokemon: Legends Arceus (Nintendo Switch) (January 28)

Pokemon fans get a blast to the past this week with Pokemon: Legends Archaeus. In this riveting adventure, travel to the earliest days of Pokemon hunting.

7. As We See It (Netflix) (Premieres January 21)

Sitcoms fans on the autism spectrum are in for a treat with the new show As We See It. The story follows a trio of autistic young adults who struggle to adjust to living together under one roof.

8. El Hijo: A Wild West Tale (Steam) (January 25)

Looking for fun in the wild west? Then El Hijo: A Wild West Tale is just the ticket. In this game, you will guide a young boy on his quest to rescue his mother.

9. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text (Not Sorry Productions)

For all the Potterheads out there, this podcast brings an extra level of magic to the beloved books, discussing the various themes covered in each installment. Ranging from revenge and commitment to revenge, it’ll help fans contemplate how fiction can help us cope with and live in the world.

10. Random Rings (Disney Plus) (January 26)

In this wacky animated series, your favorite Disney characters surprise random strangers by prank calling them.