YEM Exclusive Interview: Love, Victor Season 3 | Lucy, Lake, and Mia spill everything (Video Interview)

Today we bring you yet another interview with the cast of Love, Victor Season 3. We had an opportunity to speak with the actresses who play Mia, Lucy and Lake in Season 3 of Love, Victor and we can honestly say they shared all the juicy details. There’s no doubt Lucy, Lake, and Mia from Love, Victor Season 3 all play important characters in the popular young adult TV series.

Lake, Lucy, and Mia from Love, Victor even answered one of our more interesting questions which was “how do you prepare for on-camera kissing?” That’s just the beginning. We dive into more details about Lake and Felix, Mia and Victor, Lucy and Andrew, and so much more. Love, Victor fans are going to watch this full interview to fully understand what it’s like being on the show from the actress’s perspective.

As the Love, Victor Season 3 comes to an end we thought this was only appropriate to schedule an interview with Lucy, Lake, and Mia from Love, Victor. We hope you tune in to Season 3 of Love, Victor, and leave your questions and comments below. You can watch Love, Victor Season 3 on Disney+.