YEM Author Interview: Omara Williams shares how her fascination of science and technology and the intense emotions stirred by love stories inspired “The Space Traveller’s Lover”

Omara Williams is the author of The Space Traveller’s Lover. The Space Traveller’s Lover is a science fiction adventure. The novel follows Erin Lobart, a bright young student living on the remote island of Tinian with her adoptive parents. YEM was able to speak with Omara about her writing process, advice she has for other authors, and if any of her characters were inspired by people in her real life.

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you first know you wanted to be an author?

Omara Williams: Since I was very young, I have loved reading and writing. Every day, I spent hours imagining characters and situations and then would sit down and write for hours.

I would be inspired by anything I would see in my surroundings, and I would come up with a story just by looking at the cloud shapes. Fiction and adventure were my favourite subjects, and I felt very inspired by Jules Verne and Alexander Dumas, amongst many other adventure writers.

 At 17, I finished my first handwritten book; it was a collection of children’s stories, which my friends and family enjoyed. But I had so many other interests and hobbies, so I did not see writing as something I should pursue and took it only as a pastime. 

I concentrated my efforts on my university degree and my passion for software programming and astronomy projects. Writing became something that I used to do, nothing more. 

More than thirty years after that first book, I found myself wondering, “What If..?” I believe that it is never too late when you are determined to achieve something, so I started to get back into writing. 

Writing a book in English was an amazing challenge for me, plus I had to do it while working full-time.

It has taken me five years to see my book project finished, and I hope readers find it as fascinating as I do.

YEM: What was your inspiration for your book “The Space Traveller’s Lover”?

Omara: I’ve always been fascinated by science and technology and the intense emotions stirred by love stories. Hence I started wondering, “How powerful can love be?”

I had a lot of ideas in my head, and the more I thought about them, the more ideas came.

Eventually, I had to sit in front of the computer and write down all these stories, whether they made sense or not initially. It was such a relief to see all my ideas come to life in the form of written words on a document. Then after that, I could not stop.

Then I realised that my ideas were developing into a love story set in a science-fiction background where I could let my imagination go free without limits.

I also wanted to explore what we would do in a world close to collapse due to climate change and then faced with an alien invasion.

I found the creation process so enjoyable and satisfying that I had to write something every evening after dinner. It did not take long to set myself targets and goals and take my writing seriously.

Five years later, my book “The Space Traveller’s Lover” was published.

YEM: What can you tell us about “The Space Traveller’s Lover”

Omara: The Space Traveller’s Lover delves into our current understanding of life and the universe as we know it. But, in the face of irreversible climate change, what would be the fate of humankind?

The story is captivating, fast-paced, and intriguing. It makes us question ourselves and our current customs and beliefs while taking us into a world we have never imagined.

Amidst the complete devastation of our planet, this inspirational love story brings about a sense of hope and expectation as the main characters confront their intense feelings and discover that their deep love for each other is the one thing they cannot live without.

YEM: What is your writing process like?

Omara: I found the creation process so enjoyable and satisfying that I had to write something every evening after dinner and at weekends.

It did not take long to set myself targets and goals and take my writing seriously.

I wrote everything that came into my mind, turning my ideas into words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and sections. 

I let my imagination flow as new characters and subplots kept revealing themselves throughout the narrative. Then I worked on the storyline structure, dialogue and refining the characters. 

I set my goals and celebrated every milestone that I achieved.

Five years later, my book “The Space Traveller’s Lover” was published.

YEM: Why did you decide to write a science fiction novel?

Omara: Since I was very young, I have always wanted to write a book. I love writing, especially about subjects close to my heart, like science and technology. I have read many scientific and science-fiction books which made me question our world and its environment. I found out that by writing a science-fiction book, I could stretch my imagination and delve into fascinating subjects such as physics and cosmology while enjoying every moment.

YEM: How long did it take you to write “The Space Traveller’s Lover”?

Omara: It took me five years to complete my book, from the first idea to release. As I am working full-time, I only could write in the evenings and at weekends. The process of writing, reviews, illustrations and interior design was very time-consuming but very satisfying as I achieved every milestone.

YEM: Who is an author that inspires you to write?

Omara: Many authors inspired me to write. But if I have to name just one, that would be Jules Verne. I grew up reading his captivating books, full of adventures and scientific predictions that eventually came true.

YEM: Do you have a book that made you fall in love with literature?

Omara: I have read so many books that it is challenging to pick just one, but the very first book that I read in my early teens stands out the most. “White Fang” by Jack London took me into the subarctic wilderness and the lives of the animals that inhabit that unforgiving world, and I never wanted the book to end.

YEM: What advice do you have for those who want to be an author as well?

Omara: Write every moment you have a chance; write everything that comes to your mind while letting your imagination flow. As your ideas take shape, you can spend more time refining the story and the characters. Read as much as you can when you are not writing; this will give you more subjects and situations to think about. Consult specialist books on writing advice, there are excellent books that provide good examples on how to construct your narrative.

Set your goals and celebrate every milestone that you achieve.

YEM: What do you hope your readers take away from your book?

Omara: I hope to immerse the reader in an imaginary world full of fascinating and outrageous landscapes, but with the real possibility that it could all be true. The emotional rollercoaster of destruction, happiness and love are intertwined, eventually falling into place in a mesmerising story of defiance and triumph against all odds. I also want my readers to question our current values and way of life in these challenging times. Will we be able to preserve this beautiful planet that gave us life?

YEM: Are any of the characters in “The Space Traveller’s Lover” inspired by people in your real life?

Omara: The characters in my book are unique to the story and are inspired by it. However, I did borrow some traits from famous people I respect and admire to give my characters an intense and intriguing persona.

I created my Protagonist to be smart, beautiful, strong and independent, inspiring strong emotions from humans and aliens alike and creating a love triangle of impossible, unrequited romance from which true, all-powerful love finally triumphs.

YEM: Do you hope to write more science fiction in the future?

Omara: I want to write the second part of “The Space Traveller’s Lover”. 

Many storylines are waiting to be explored and developed further in my first book.

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