YEM Interview: Preston Oliver and Elle Graham talk about Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is an American mystery drama television series. The suspense and time-travel series is set in the fictional Louisiana town of Sulphur Springs. The second season of the series is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on January 14th 2022. YEM was able to interview two cast members of the show, Preston Oliver and Elle Graham. In the show, Preston portrays the character of Griffin Campbell and Elle portrays the character of Savannah Dillon. YEM spoke with both of them about their experience acting on the show. Preston and Elle answered questions about what to expect in season 2, their characters and much more.

When asked “Is there anything you can tease for what viewers can expect in season two” Elle said “I guess I can tease that there will be some new faces with season, and that is all I am going to say because I do not want to give away too much.” Preston said “If I had to tease anything I would say it gets more scary, the mysteries are crazy, there’s a lot going on, and there’s definitely a lot more paranormal. We figured out Savannah wasn’t a ghost in the first season, we kind of solved that pretty quickly, and this season there are a lot of ghosts going on and we have to figure those out.” 

Make sure to watch the full interview below to see all that Preston and Elle had to say. They both had great answers and were able to let us know a lot about themselves along with the new season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs and their characters. During the interview we even find out where they would time travel to! Don’t forget to watch the second season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs when it premieres on January 14th.