YEM Interview: Tracey Thomson and Charles Pratt Jr. talk about Secrets of Sulphur Springs

The second season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs is set to premiere on January 14th 2022. Secrets of Sulphur Springs is an American mystery drama television series. YEM was able to interview Tracey Thomson and Charles Pratt Jr.. Tracey Thomson is the creator, writer and executive producer of the show and Charles Pratt Jr. is a writer, director and executive producer of the show. 

When asked “Have you guys heard responses from fans about season one story lines that really stuck out to them? What has the experience been so far working on this show?” Charles responded by saying “The one thing I can say is that it has been overwhelmingly positive. That’s unusual, maybe not in kids programming, but certainly in adult programming there’s as many people slamming you as liking you no matter what the show is. I think that the constant cry has been more and more and more, hence season two and then maybe season 3, which tells us we have been doing something right.” Tracey said “I think the biggest compliment is hearing from adults that they are watching the show. Maybe they found it on Disney+ and they would never watch a show on Disney Channel, but it’s not a kids show, it’s not a typical show and I think that’s refreshing to hear because we do want a broad audience and thats the way we write, we are writing adults as well as kids in this show.” 

Make sure to watch the full interview with Tracey and Charles below. The interview is filled with so many interesting and important pieces of information. Tracey and Charles really said a lot about the show and so much can be learned from this interview. Don’t forget to watch Secrets of Sulphur Springs when it premieres on January 14th.