YEM Interview: YEM plays a game with Samuel Arnold from Emily In Paris (Video Content)

Emily in Paris is a television show that just premiered its second season of the hit show on Netflix. The show is about a young American woman from the Midwest who is hired by a marketing firm in Paris. She provides them with an American perspective on things. YEM was able to speak with actor Samuel Arnold who is in the show, as well as play a game that had a bit of a connection with the show and its location. Samuel portrays the character of Julien in the series.

The game Samuel played with YEM had him guessing a movie by a description of it that was given to him. Every one of the movies described to Samuel had some sort of a connection to Paris because Emily in Paris is set in the city of Paris. Some of the movies described in the game are extremely iconic. In addition, it’s fun to see how much knowledge Samuel has of film. The descriptions of the movies are hilarious and it is even fun to play along. The answers are also definitely not films that are obvious which makes the game that much more entertaining to watch. The films that described for the game are all very different. They range from classics to animated ones, and some originated from t.v. shows!


It was an absolute delight to have Samuel play the game and hang out with YEM. To see how well Samuel does at guessing the films make sure to watch him play the game in the full video below. You do not want to miss such a fun game. Samuel has such fun energy and he brought every once of that energy into the game. Also, catch him in both seasons of Emily in Paris on Netflix.