Riverdale Wednesdays: Top 10 Betty Cooper Lines

From the iconic blonde pony to the seriously impressive investigation skills, Betty Cooper is a force to be reckoned with. Here are 10 of the best Betty Cooper quotes from Riverdale:

1. “Betty couldn’t make it. So she sent me instead.” – Season 1: Chapter Three

Perhaps the most shocking moment for Betty Cooper in Season one, she loses her good girl persona and helps Veronica take down a school player. The two decide to set Chuck Clayton up on a 2 to 1 date but Betty takes matters into her own hands and things get a little…sticky.

2. “I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can’t I do this one thing for me?” – Season 1: Chapter One

When Betty is first introduced, she feels pressured to be the perfect friend, the perfect daughter, and the perfect student. She finally stands up for herself and tells her mother (who’s a bit of a helicopter mom) that she is prioritizing herself now.

3. “It’s like you know how in a time of crisis, people either come together or fall apart? It feels like we’re falling apart.” – Season 1: Chapter Nine

Poor Betty. She doesn’t know where her sister, Polly, is and any normal family would come clean about her whereabouts, but the Cooper’s are far from normal and neither is the town of Riverdale.

4. “Bad things happen, but you can’t get rid of your past because then you’d lose the good parts, too.” – Season 3: Chapter Fifty-Three

Betty went through the wringer in season 3. From investigating the gargoyle king to trying to clear Archie’s name and then saving her mother and sister from the Farm. Some way, somehow she still can look at the bigger picture and realize the tough parts of life can’t be taken away. Because without the hard days, there wouldn’t be good days.

5. “I will never be like you, dad.” – Season 3: Chapter Fifty-Seven

Holy cow. Talk about some guts. Betty already felt suffocated by her parents, but when she realizes her father is the exact opposite of who she thought he was, she changes the narrative.

6. “Conspiracy theories and a murder to solve? Sounds like a romantic getaway to me.” – Season 4: Chapter Sixty-Four

Okay, Ms. Nancy Drew. Betty’s loyalty to her friends goes deep as she is always ready to uncover dark mysteries. In this case, Betty visits Jughead at Stonewall Prep and saves him from his classmate’s attempt to haze him. C’mon, don’t they know who they are messing with?

7. “I have a plan. It’s slightly insane.” – Season Two: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Betty’s plans are always slightly insane, but that’s why she is so loved. She works on some slightly unsuccessful catfishing on the mysterious Chic because her gut is telling her not to trust him.

8. “Our story’s not over. It’s just beginning. So you come back to me. Okay?” – Season Two: Chapter Thirty-Five

Betty and Jughead are the love story the world didn’t know it needed but are so thankful it’s happening. At this point, Jughead is in the hospital following the Ghoulies-Serpents showdown, and Betty, who is also dealing with the fact that her father is a serial killer, gives Jughead no choice but to return to her. Our hearts are melting.

9. “Maybe not every murderer is guilty, and maybe not every victim is innocent. Maybe it’s not all black and white.” Season 3: Chapter Forty-Six

Tell it like it is, Betty. Maybe everything in this crazy world is a shade of grey. Betty seems to think so. As she tries to piece together the mysterious deaths happening in town, Betty teams up with a surprising ally.

10. “Who would’ve thought, at the beginning of the year, that we would all become great friends?” – Season One, Chapter Thirteen

Leave it to Betty to face town murder, scandals, and family drama to look on the bright side of things. Betty, this was just the beginning for you and your Riverdale bunch.