YEM Playlist: Character Introspection of Riley Bina aka Ariana Grande from “Don’t Look Up”

Looking for some songs that go along with our queen Riley Bina from Don’t Look Up? Look no further. Even in her short screen time, Ariana Grande completely nailed her character in the film and sang a hit song. First things first, Just Look Up featuring Kid Cudi will be on our minds long into the new year. It is essential on this playlist. Fun fact: Ariana actually improvised parts of the song and the director, Adam McKay, loved the lyrics so much he decided to keep them in the film.

Riley Bina was first introduced in the film when she went on The Daily Rip to discuss her breakup with DJ Chello (Kid Cudi), so it’s only fitting to include Heartbreak Anthem with Galantis, David Guetta, and Little Mix. During the interview on The Daily Rip, the couple got back together…and got engaged…on live TV, so Love Again by Dua Lipa is the perfect song to go along with, well, whatever that was. We can’t forget the iconic line Riley said to Leonardo Dicaprio’s character, Dr. Randall Mindy, in the green room of The Daily Rip. It’s clear she has some emotional walls up. Cold Heart by Elton John, Dua Lipa, and PNAU describes the interaction perfectly. Thankfully, the two forgot about the whole green room incident and reconnected to save the world. New Light by John Mayer accurately describes how Riley changed her perspective on Dr. Mindy.

Speaking of saving the world, Riley turned over a new leaf from a self-indulging popstar to a world activist, so Girl I Used To Be by Mira Housey made the cut. Remember what Riley’s fan-based was called? Don’t worry if not, Vroom Vroom by Charlie XCX should be a good refresher. Riley’s contribution to the efforts of Dr. Mindy and Kate Dibiasky regarding the comet hurtling towards Earth was a concert where she performs Just Look Up as mentioned previously. The whole point of this concert is to show the people that they are actually in serious danger, so change ur mind by Clinton Kane, Claire Rosinkranz, and Sarcastic Sounds fits the theme perfectly. Overall, this playlist describes what it means to be a confident woman who may feel guarded at times, but knows how to speak up when the time calls for it.