YEM Interview: Dax Rey speaks about what it was like working with Academy Award winning director Benjamin Cleary in the movie Swan Song

Dax Rey is an actor in Swan Song. Swan Song is a sci-fi drama film from Academy Award winning director Benjamin Cleary. The film is set in the near future and centers on Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali’s ‘Cameron Turner,’ who, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, is presented with an experimental solution to shield his wife and son from grief. Dax portrays the character of Cameron Turner’s son, cory. YEM was able to speak with Dax about his favorite parts about acting, his favorite memories he has as an actor, and some of the things he likes to do outside of work.

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you first get into acting?

Dax Rey: I started acting when I was around six years old.  I started with print work, then I worked up to doing commercials as well as TV/film projects.

YEM: What’s it like knowing people are interested in your work?

Dax: It feels really cool and kinda weird because I’ve never had that happen to me before.

YEM: What’s it been like acting alongside seasoned actors like Mahershala Ali and William Jackson Harper at such a young age?

Dax: It’s been a dream come true because I never thought that I would have the opportunity to work with such big actors at this age. 

YEM: What have you been able to learn from some of these actors (whether it be in acting or life)?

Dax: I learned a lot about how acting is a dance. Sometimes you have to lead and sometimes you have to let the other person lead you in a scene. Also, Mahershala (Ali) told me that me being sensitive is a gift as an actor.

YEM: What’s one of your favorite things about acting so far?

Dax: I love being able to play different characters. My favorite is playing comedy because I used to be the class clown at school.

YEM: What was your experience starring in the children’s fantasy film, “Wish Upon a Unicorn?”

Dax: It was the first time I got to work with an animal on set (a pony), and it was awesome!

YEM: What has it been like working on “Swan Song” from Academy Award winning director Benjamin Cleary?

Dax: Ben was really nice. He was like my best friend on set, and he was always there to comfort me when I had a tough time. I really, really, really like that guy!

YEM: How exciting was it for you that the movie debuted at the opening night film for the 2021 AFI Fest?

Dax: It was my first red carpet, and it was absolutely amazing! I thought I would be scared, but it felt normal.

YEM: Were you able to attend, or what did you do on that opening night?

Dax: I attended the AFI Fest and the afterparty. By the way, me and my sister were the only kids there; everybody else was an adult LOL.

YEM: Was working as young Chidi on “The Good Place” really fun? Was it as fun behind the scenes as the show itself was?

Dax: Yes, it was really fun. I enjoyed myself because there were a lot of kids there and we all played together.

YEM: What’s one of your favorite memories from your acting career so far?

Dax: One of my favorite, funniest memories is the time when I wasn’t on set (for Swan Song). I was leaning on the wall and accidentally hit the light switch. The crew guy downstairs went on a whole yelling and screaming rant saying, “Who did that?! Who did that?! ” Everyone was scared and quiet and when he realized it was me, he said calmly, “Oh. Sorry, Dax.” and quickly went back to taping the scene.

YEM: What are some other things you like to do outside of work that help motivate you?

Dax: I like watching movies and thinking about characters I want to play. It motivates me to work harder to be the best.

YEM: Are there any other projects you have coming up that fans should be looking out for?

Dax: Nothing yet, but I have been auditioning a lot. I also have a few big commercials running.

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