YEM plays a game with the cast of MIXTAPE

YEM was able to play a fun and quick game with the cast of Mixtape that was related to their film. Mixtape was released on Netflix on December 3rd and is about a young girl who accidentally destroys the mixtape that belonged to her mother, and sets out to track down each of the obscure songs on the cassette. Gemma Brooke Allen, Audrey Hsieh, and Olga Petsa were the cast members who took part in the game. In the film Gemma played the part of Beverly, Audrey played the part of Ellen, and Olga played the part of Nicky. 

The game that was chosen for the cast to play was a fun game related to the film. The game was to see how well the girls know the 90’s. Gemma, Audrey, and Olga were tested to see if they could identify things and trends that were popular in pop culture during the late 1990’s and Y2K era by listening to a description of them alone. Some of the objects that were described for them in the game were objects such as Beanie Babies, and Tamagochies. “The Rachel” haircut was a trend that was described within the game too, and that they had to guess!

Don’t miss out on the cast of Mixtape participating in this hilarious game. Make sure to watch the full video of the game below to see Gemma, Audrey, and Olga play the game and to see how well they did at identifying objects and trends from the late 90’s. It is truly a blast to be able to see the girls speak about all of the 90’s objects and trends and see if they can name them based off of the description. The game is a fun throwback to all things 90’s as well. Also make sure to watch the girls in Mixtape on Netflix!