Keeping Up With Adele: 6 Tips For Fans

Adele has finally made a comeback after almost five years of hiatus in her career. Fresh from a divorce, she thought this was the best time to release an exciting album of fresh and relatable songs for her fans. With much anticipation, Adele, indeed, didn’t disappoint her loyal fans. With the long-awaited album released this year, her first new song, ‘Easy On Me,’ hit the charts just as fast.                   

As a fan of Adele, you might have heard or kept up on the recent updates about this British singer. If you’ve been a constant fan of the pop singer, and your playlist is dominated by all Adele’s joyful and heartbreaking songs, you can do other ways to prove how much of an Adele fan you are. 

There are more ways to elevate your fan experience; check out some ideas below.


  • Secure Adele Tickets 


From next year, Adele will occupy a three-month residency at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. If you’re looking for Adele concert tickets, attending one of these continuous performances is definitely one for the books.

From January 21 to April 16, Adele will perform at Caesars’s Colosseum on Saturdays and Sundays. It’d be best to snag up tickets early so you can take part in being an audience in one of her residency shows. 

Due to the emotional content on her critically acclaimed fourth album, 30 (released earlier this month), her Vegas concerts will likely be intense and unique. You’ll genuinely love her performances, considering that it’s her comeback album. Some sources claim that demands for 

Adele tickets are overwhelming. Some said that you’d need to be registered in a verified fan program to gain access to purchasing her tickets.


  • Join Adele’s Fan Club 


If you haven’t done so, it’s best to become an official member of ‘Daydreamers,’ which is the official name of Adele’s fan club. If you’re wondering how the name was brought upon, it actually came from a song on her debut album, ‘19.’ It’s entitled Daydreamer, and, later on, fans distinguished themselves as daydreamers while discussing and exchanging thoughts on forums on her official website. 

This has become the official term for Adele’s fans, and Adele herself would refer to them as her ‘Daydreamers.’ If you want to be acknowledged as one of Adele’s legit minions, you can do your research online about the daydreamersfan club. They even have social media pages, so you can follow those and be an official member.


  • Smell Like Adele 


Did you ever wonder what scent Adele wears?  Surprisingly, you can smell like her. You’ll be surprised that you can shop for the same bottle of perfume she’s wearing in your favorite perfume shops. According to sources, Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison has been her go-to fragrance for years. With its known contents of notes, including almond, jasmine, vanilla, and musk, you can wear this scent and feel closer to your favorite pop star. 


  • Keep Up With Her Website 


Bieber fans might have been ecstatic about Justin Bieber’s new music. But, Adele’s fans may have been more excited when her website revealed the title of her latest album. Fans have noticed that Adele’s website and social channels appear to be using the same fonts and colors as those seen on the billboards, and it all started on October 4 this year. This, indeed, validates the once-rumored new album of Adele. 

You should sign up for newsletter subscriptions on Adele’s official website to be a proactive fan. Through this, you can receive updates and information about her whereabouts. You can buy her newest songs and album from different partnered music platforms linked on her website. 

After Adele announced her first live show in the UK in five years, her website crashed. Therefore, always check out her website for announcements and exciting news about your favorite star. 


  • Learn To Recreate Adele’s Eyeliner Look 


If you’ve been fangirling over Adele for quite some time now, you’ve probably tried mimicking her ever-famous winged eyeliner. This has become her staple look, and many women have tried sporting this style. It turns out that lots of gel eyeliner, an unconventional way to apply mascara, and patience are the secrets behind her iconic look!

You’ll need to start from the lash line’s roots to prepare the shape of the eyeliner wings. The liner should be applied with a detailed brush, and a cotton bud dampened with makeup remover will be used to remove any mistake and clean up the outer corner of the wing. After tracing the sketched shape with the liquid liner, continue to glide the liquid liner along the lid, from the center to the outer corner. Finally, emphasize the wing shape by ensuring that the outer corners of your eyes come with perfect proportion and pigment.


  • Shop For Adele Merch 


You can shop for different merchandise on her website. For example, her new album, ‘30,’ comes in the form of CDs, cassettes, and digital downloads. You can buy them at prices that range from USD$7 to USD$45, which are a steal, considering that you’ll get to keep them for a long time.

Aside from her official website, you may also shop for other kinds of merchandise that depict Adele’s face and other representations. Some examples include buying apparel with lyric lines adopted from Adele’s songs. Check out t-shirts, caps, and bags that’ll showcase how much of a fan you are of Adele.



It’s not difficult to keep up with Adele as a fan as you can access many resources about her. You can easily obtain updates about her, as well as listen and download her old and new songs from her official website and partner platforms. Luckily, the tips mentioned in this article will help you become a full-fledged Adele fan, even more so than you already are.