YEM’s Top 5 New Shows of 2021

2021 has seen the release of a ton of new shows. YEM shares its picks for the Top 5 best, in no particular order. 

1. Hawkeye

Here at YEM, a good MCU adventure is a must, especially one with an OG Avenger set during Christmas time. Faces old and new emerge as Clint Barton faces his past and tries to make the most of the life Black Widow’s sacrifice grants him. 

2. Superman and Lois

It’s only fair that YEM gives the Arrowverse some much needed appreciation, especially when the show in question follows the Man of Steel. Following the iconic superhero as he and Lois Lane navigate parenthood, the show adds a human edge that’s right up YEM’s alley. 

3. Shadow and Bone

A good fantasy show warrants a mention, and “Shadow and Bone”’s intricate story builds anticipation for a potential epic. We here at YEM eagerly await season 2’s arrival.

4. Panic

Based off her novel of the same name, Lauren Oliver creates a show that takes the story of finding yourself and mixes it with a twist similar to Hunger Games and Squid Game. While it’s sadly been cancelled, Panic did enough in its debut season to earn a spot on the list.

5. One of Us Is Lying

A day in detention takes a frantic shift when four students are under investigation for murder. The Peacock original offers the right twists and thrills that we here at YEM expect a good mystery to deliver on.

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