Top 10 interviews of 2022

Happy Holidays from YEM, everyone! The new year will soon be upon us, and what better way to celebrate with us? We have brought in different kinds of entertainment news for you this year, and this year has graced us with these amazing, talented artists, authors, actors, actresses, and more. And as you have probably guessed from the title, we’re here to talk about the Top 10 interviews that YEM has compiled together over this year.

1) Adrian Lyles

Adrian Lyles has made it on this list for good reason! This young actor’s vocals, charismatic flair, and acting skills have made his interview highly-anticipating. He tells us about his perspective on his character Jett from High School Musical: The Musical The Series, the connection he felt when he played as Jett, his audition, his reaction to Jett’s breakout song, and his music career. For those interested in wanting to know more about Adrian’s thoughts and answers on Jett, his thoughts about ships like RINA, and how music has impacted his life, check out his interview here:

YEM Exclusive Interview: Adrian Lyles HSMTMTS | EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Jet from HSMTMTS

2) Julia Lester

Are you still in the HSMTMTS craze? Well, here’s some good news for you, because Julia Lester has made it on this list! A talented singer and actress, Julia portrays Ashlyn Caswell in HSMTMTS, and she has done a few interviews for YEM in previous years. Ranging from her performance with “Home” on the show, Ashlyn’s character and her relationships with the cast (more specifically, Gina), and the storyline she had shared with another fellow character in the show, Big Red. We love having Julia here again, and let’s all celebrate this talented actress on her broadway debut in Into the Woods! You can check out her interview about her debut and her time as Ashlyn here:

YEM Exclusive Interview: “HSMTMTS” star Julia Lester is making her broadway debut in “Into The Woods”


Julia Lester Talks Role as Ashlyn, Portraying Belle, Relationships with Gina and Big Red, and What To Expect in the Season 2 Finale

3) Logan Riley Bruner

Interested in the supernatural? Well, Logan Riley Bruner is here to share what lies within in Season 4 of Stranger Things. As an actor and writer, Logan is known for acting in many different roles, with his role as Fred Benson being the most recent one. Before the release of Fred Benson’s appearance in Season 4, Logan did inform us a little bit about who Fred is, and he stated that he was excited to show his fans more of who Fred is. If you’re interested to learn more about his audition, his thoughts on what it’s like to be on the set of the iconic sci-fi horror show Stranger Things, and the stories of what he had learned from his fellow cast members, watch his interview here:

YEM Interview: Logan Riley Bruner talks about Stranger Things season 4 (video content)

4) Benjamin Norris

Never Have I Ever has made waves on Netflix in 2020, and Season 3 had just debuted in August of this year! And what better way to talk about Season 3’s release than with Benjamin Norris, who stars as Trent Harrison? Actor, writer, and producer, the talented Benjamin tells us about his experience as Trent, and how much of an impact his character had made on the show in Season 3. A few things to note that were interesting about his experience as Trent, it was Benjamin himself who decided to add a few choices on Trent’s character, such as his comedy relief and the hairstyle. If you enjoy the show and wish to learn more about Benjamin’s involvement in the show, from his experience as Trent to what else Benjamin might have contributed to Trent in the show, you can watch his interview here:

Never Have I Ever Season 3 | Interview with Benjamin Norris – *Spoiler*

A small warning, however, as there are some small spoilers in the interview. If you haven’t watched Season 3 yet, we highly recommend watching the season first, before watching the interview.

5) William Gao

Have a love for coming-of-age stories? What about one riddled with romance and comedy? Look no further than Heartstopper, and our exclusive interview with William Gao, who stars as Tao Xu. An English actor and musician, William are well known for his portrayal of Tao Xu, and he informs us of many things about Tao Xu’s relationships, his character, the similarities he shares with Tao, as well as certain scenes from the show. If you’re interested in learning more about what William has to say about Tao and the show, you can watch it here:

YEM Exclusive Interview: William Gao talks about Heartstopper (Video Interview)

6) Liamani Segura

Here’s another member of the HSMTMTS team! Liamani Segura stars as Emmy, an addition to the HSMTMTS cast who stars as a younger Anna in the show’s production of Frozen. In the interview, Liamani tells us a bit about her background how she attained the role of Emmy, what filming was like as well as her experience with what it’s like to be on set with the rest of the cast. She’s also developed a friendship with her fellow co-stars, Aria Brooks and Sofia Wylie. If you want to hear more about Liamani’s experience as Emmy, her experience as a younger actress in the industry, and what it was like to be on set with the rest of the cast, check out the interview here:

HSMTMTS Season 3 | Interview with Liamani Segura

7) Elias Kacavas

Season 3 of Euphoria is on its way in 2023, and Elias Kacavas sat down with us in an interview about his experience on the show, his role as young Cal, and what his role is like. Now, while that interview is more informative, he had another interview that is a tad different. How is it different, you might ask? Well, the 90s trivia! Young Cal’s time was centered around the 90s, and so YEM had played a small, round of trivia with Elias about his knowledge about the 90s! It was fun to talk and quiz Elias about 90s pop culture, ranging from topics such as Power Rangers and Friends. If you want to know the results of his trivia, be sure to check out the quiz and his interview right here:

Euphoria | Interview with Elias Kacavas


YEM Exclusive Interview: Elias Kacavas talks all things Euphoria and playing Young Cal (Video Content)

8) Anthony Keyvan

Welcome back to the world of Love, Victor! This show was featured on Disney+ and Hulu, and its final season ended this year. Anthony Keyvan, who stars as Rahim, happily answered our questions about his audition process, the show itself, and his experience portraying Rahim in the show. We had another interview with Anthony, but this one was a tad different compared to his other interview. A game of ‘Who’s Most Likely To’ where Anthony chooses which member of the Love, Victor cast would fit the description. This doesn’t stop there, as Anthony also talks about his time with his fellow castmates and what they would most likely do too! For those interested in how Anthony felt about Rahim and his character, his thoughts about what had happened between Rahim, Victor, and Benji, and the game he was in, check those two articles and videos out here:

Actor Anthony Keyvan | Rahim from Love, Victor Season 3 Spills It All


Actor Anthony Keyvan | Rahim from Love, Victor Season 3 Plays a Game of “Most Likely To”

9) Sara Thompson

One of Us is Lying, but I’m not lying when I say that Sara Thompson has made it on this list. Sara Thompson stars as Vanessa Clark in One of Us is Lying, and her interview is a fun one! Sara eagerly talks about her experience as Vanessa, with topics ranging from the chemistry that was shared between Vanessa and the other characters, to Vanessa’s character development through the seasons. Many moments made Sara excited about Vanessa and her involvement with Seasons 1 and 2, and she also talked to us about her career. Check out her interview right here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Sara Thompson from “One of Us is Lying”

10) Isaac Ordonez

The last interview that we have on this list belongs to Isaac Ordonez, who stars as Pugsley Addams on the recent rendition of the Addams Family series, Wednesday on Netflix. His interview was a fun one, as YEM had asked him about his knowledge of the Addams Family, the audition, and what his reaction and experience were like as Pugsley. We had also asked him about his career and the movie that had made him want to continue it, as well as the stories he had from his time on the set of Wednesday. Please take a look at his interview, here:

YEM Exclusive Interview | with Isaac Ordonez from “Wednesday”