YEM’s TOP 5 Songs of 2023

1. Just Love by Joshua Bassett

Singer, songwriter, and producer Joshua Bassett continues to shine with his heartfelt and vulnerable lyrics. Joshua’s single, Just Love, is an ode to people’s younger selves who have struggled and the message that there is healing ahead, and to do this, you need to forgive and choose love. Just Love is a perfect and intimate song for people looking for light and hope and it has had an incredible impact on us and Joshua’s fans.

2. Get Him Back by Olivia Rodrigo

Even at just 20 years old, Olivia Rodrigo is continuing to rise to the top of stardom and was just recently nominated for six Grammy awards. She released her second studio album this year, GUTS, with many of the tracks hitting the Billboard Hot 100. Get Him Back is a pop punk inspired track ripping into an ex or bad-news boyfriend and has had everyone singing and dancing along on social media.

3. Last Girl by Elijah Woods and MacKenzie Porter

Multi-platinum artist and producer Elijah Woods and country-chart topper MacKenzie Porter teamed up to release last girl. Elijah first wrote the song as an ode to love and enlisted MacKenzie to add a country pop touch. The song combines genres to appeal to many different audiences and we love the song for its lyrics and heart both artists put into it. Make sure you also check out our recent interview with Elijah on Young Entertainment:

4. Y.O. Universe by VCHA

VCHA is one of the newest global girl groups on the scene, represented by JYP Entertainment. Consisting of members Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee, they are the first group of its kind in which an American group is trained under a K-pop system. VHCA released their single Y.O. Universe which combines the group’s love of choreography and singing. VCHA is on the rise, as their music video for Y.O. Universe has already gained 13 million views.

5. Dreams Don’t Die by HSMTMTS cast

Dreams Don’t Die is an original song from the final season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series sung by the character Emmy. The song is all about giving it your all when chasing dreams, even through struggles. We love this song because of its powerful message.