YEM’s top social media posts of the week December 2nd – December 8th

YEM is constantly putting out social media content, and today we are going to share some of the top ones for you! Whether it be from Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, the best of the best that have come out this week will all be here for your viewing pleasure!

YEM has the musical cast of 17 again! Check out our Instagram to see it!

Mean Girls has a new photo call and it can all be seen on our Instagram! Run don’t walk over there to see it!

Every Time You Go Away is on one of our new book Tuesday books! See the rest of them on our Twitter!

@youngentmag If think you’re the BIGGEST “Better Than The Movies” fan, than you have to read this interview with the author, Lynn Painter! She goes deep and shares so may BTS details about her new book, “Betting On You”…it’s so good!!!! #lynnpainter #lynnpainterbook #lynnpainterauthor #betterthanthemovies #bettingonyoulynnpainter #bettingonyou #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ Style (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

YEM was able to speak with the Author of “Better Than The Movies” and we are still not over it!

Check out YEM’s YouTube channel to watch a video on Alberto Belli and Winslow Fegley speak about Naughty Nine and their favorite holiday traditions.