Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Is On It’s Way

‘Tis the season to be jolly!’  Yes, we all should be jolly because Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is coming out with a Christmas special!

This is big news for the fans because, back in June creator Austin Winsberg announced that the show would not be coming back for season 2. 

The show revolves around Zoey. She is a coder who has the power to telepathically mind read. Only thing is, it’s in the form of songs. This power isn’t the easiest thing to control but it does make her life way more interesting. The show has the perfect balance of musical-comedy to heart wrenching and grief-filled moments. 

Some of the main cast members are Jane Levy (she plays the main role of Zoey), Skylar Astin (he plays the role of Max), and Kapil Talwaker (he plays their coworker). Talwaker has already interviewed YEM and expressed his love for the show and the fun he had making it. He spoke about what it takes to perform those big numbers and what it was like to rehearse during COVID for season 2. You can check it out here.

The show is now getting a Christmas special. Yup, that’s right, a movie! While a movie does not give fans much time like a series would, the show has already built up the characters well and gives the fans a sense of familiarity. So, this is like a nice little addition to the franchise. Also, after the announcement that the show will not continue, the fans will take it. Anything is better than nothing!

The show is set to premiere on the Roku Channel this Christmas season. Guess what! It will be there for free in the U.S.! From the teaser trailer posted on the Instagram channel (you can check it out here), it looks like all the main cast are returning. Levy, Astin, Alex Newell, Kapil Talwalker, and Peter Gallagher were all seen. 

The old gang are all here for this ridiculously cute special! The song are undoubtedly going to be good and going to keep the fans singing along throughout the whole movie. Can’t wait until Christmas comes around!