Max Harwood and Lauren Patel from Everybody’s Talking About Jamie test their musical knowledge in a game of Guess the Musical

YEM can’t stop talking about the new Amazon Original Everybody’s Talking About Jamie! Based on real-life events, the musical follows Sheffield local and high schooler Jamie New (Max Harwood) as he pursues his dream of becoming a drag queen.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie premieres on Amazon Prime on September 17, 2021, and YEM had the opportunity to sit down with co-leads Max Harwood and Lauren Patel who plays Pritti Pasha to talk about their experiences when it came to the audition process and acting for the film.

Both stars shared how their experiences were new but exciting as well as how their 12-hour work schedules were challenging, but the support they received from both the cast and crew was amazing.

“Nobody [on set] really treated me like I was new. They treated me like another actor in a scene with them, and that was very, very lovely,” Lauren said.

It was exciting to watch how these two up-and-coming actors had an amazing support system, grew as performers, and had the opportunity to shine in their new film.

YEM also tested both Max and Lauren’s musical knowledge by challenging them to guess musicals based on one-sentence lyrics that they were given. The lyrics read were not from their movie but from other Broadway classics such as Wicked and Les Misérables.

Both actors were read the same lyrics, and it’s evident that they both have impressive knowledge of musicals. After all, it sounds extremely hard to think of what Broadway production a song came from, especially when you’re only given one line to work from! But then again, it didn’t pose as a tremendous challenge for these two.

With seven lyrical phrases read, who do you think won? Check out the video below to find out!