5 Beginner Tips For A Spectacular Lightsaber Duelling

So, you’ve got the rare opportunity of having some time for yourself. After hitting up your friends, you found out they have free time as well. Now, you’re all hanging out. But chilling in someone’s home sounds too boring, and taking a stroll inside the mall can get dull after seeing the same things too many times. Why not try something new? 

Well, lightsaber duelling might be right up your alley! It’s not as daring as rock-climbing and it doesn’t require you to be analytical with your every move like chess. However, you do need a little bit of both if you’re duelling.

What Makes Lightsaber Duelling Fun

Sure, it might not be as captivating as getting to live in Naboo, but lightsaber duelling has its own brand of fun that both Star Wars fans and non-fans alike will enjoy. For instance, it’s a fantastic bonding opportunity for the family; you might even gain the title of ‘The Fun Adult’ among the kids for being so into your ‘death battle.’  

Moreover, duelling with your friends is also a great way to let loose and release some of your pent-up stress. After all, it’s rare to have the opportunity to show your ‘inner child’ without a care in the world. Everyone deserves to experience that every now and then with people you’re comfortable with. And who knows? You might charm your way into your significant other’s heart if you showed this part of yourself during a date. 

One thing internet users can agree on is that Star Wars fans are everywhere. Because of how much of a hit this franchise was, you can bet that you’re bound to know someone who’s a fan. Therefore, you’re sure to meet all sorts of people by engaging in Star Wars-themed activities. And the best way to activate the Jedi in them is with a friendly lightsaber duel.

Tips For Lightsaber Duel Beginners

Now, before you come swinging in like Anakin, you have to know the basics of how to be a lightsaber wielder:

1. Search For Replica Lightsabers For Duelling

Of course, you can’t duel anyone without a lightsaber. Objectively, there’s no ‘perfect’ lightsaber. However, that changes once you’ve considered your personal preferences. Here’s what you should consider first before getting a sabre: 

  • Blade length
  • Grip size,
  • Durability 

Although you don’t have to be ‘The Chosen One’ to possess a lightsaber, looking for these components might as well be a test by itself. While many companies produce these sabres, only a few will pass your checklist. For instance, Galaxy Sabers provides very high-quality replica lightsabers that you can use for Star Wars duels at home with your friends.

By finding the right lightsaber, you’ll look less like a five-year-old with a cardboard tube and more of a Jedi-in-training (unless you’re only looking to have fun).

“Skywalker lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers”

2. Dress The Part

Once you’re equipped with a lightsaber, up next on your agenda is finding the right clothes. No, you can’t wear the same get-up as the Dark Lords even though it looks cool—especially with you being a beginner. So, what exactly are you supposed to have on when duelling?

Comfort is a must. Even though you’re duelling just for fun, be sure your clothes allow you the freedom to move because you’ll be swinging your arms around a lot. For footwear, you can go with a pair of running shoes. You can also go with a pair of boots if that’s more your style.

On the other hand, if you’re taking on the more ‘professional’ route, you’re going to want some fitted clothes instead of loose, willowy options like robes. In lightsaber duelling classes or groups, they’ll require you to wear protective gear (such as helmets, arm guards, or jockstraps) to ensure everyone’s safety.

3. Find Your Grip

So, you now have your lightsaber, and you’ve already put on the bonafide ‘lightsaber wielder’ look. You can finally begin your duelling journey. And the first step to take is to find your grip. Sure, it might not sound as exciting or as remarkable as those spins you’ve seen other wielders do, but you’ll get there soon. 

For now, learning your grip takes priority because it’s the foundation of any lightsaber trick in the book. Your skill in shifting from a spin to a swing depends on how you’re holding your lightsaber. 

However, since you’re a beginner, you should be focusing more on familiarizing yourself with swinging. Start by gripping the hilt with both hands; your dominant hand should be above your non-dominant one. 

Once you’ve got that covered, you can try doing a one-hand grip and practice spinning your lightsaber by rotating both your hand and wrist in circles. It’ll strain you at first, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

4. Get Your Body Moving

Since it’s fun to dodge and dance around your friends or family who are acting as your duelling partner, being light on your feet is another crucial aspect of lightsaber duelling. Other than dodging, developing your agility will enable you to strike and feint an attack.

Of course, you’re bound to grow weary the longer you weave your way around your opponent’s attacks. Therefore, to balance out that lightness, you must have a solid stance. Usually, you’ll have your feet spread out and flat on the floor with your dominant foot forward. However, you can develop that even further once you get the hang of it more.

5. Practice, Practice, And Do More Practice

Your swings may be clumsy at first the same goes with your spins. And you might get frustrated with yourself because it looks so easy when other people do it. However, keep in mind that those people went through the same struggles you did. By doing practice after practice, you can smooth out those kinks until you’ll also make it look easy for those just starting out.


May The Force Be With You

If you find yourself with the rare opportunity to spend some free time, consider engaging in some activities that celebrate people’s love for the Star Wars franchise. For instance, you can try to do a live-action roleplay (LARP) to your heart’s content by booking a room at a Star Wars-themed hotel for a couple of nights. Moreover, you should also consider a friendly lightsaber duel. If you felt the Force resonate inside your entire being, what better way to be the next Jedi Master than by training how to duel using lightsabers?