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Izabela Rose is an up-and-coming actress who starred in the 2022 movie The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay, now streaming on Disney+. Izabela plays 15-year old Quinn Perkins, who gets a marine biology internship at a research center in Australia, researching unnatural changes in the local reefs with her best friend Daniela. Mysterious events start to occur, which makes the friends suspect that a local legend is haunting them, who also may be tied to the reef problems. Izabela said she relates to her character Quinn because they are both determined and driven and have experienced being afraid of change. Izabela said change is an important part of Quinn’s journey in the film as she starts out afraid but is then introduced to new people and experiences, and learns change is necessary for growth. The movie was filmed in Brisbane, Australia. 

Because the film has already been released, if you are planning on reading this interview and have not watched the film, this article will actively avoid any spoilers regarding the series. For those planning to watch before reading this article, we highly recommend watching it first. And now, onto this interview and its refresher.

Izabela is from Flowery Branch, Georgia, and discovered her love of performing at a young age. In 2016, she booked her first commercial for ABC Family and then moved to Los Angeles. In addition to her role as Quinn, Izabela is known for her lead role as Nory in the 2020 Disney Channel original film Upside-Down Magic. In the film, Nory discovers she has the ability to transform into animals while enrolling at Sage Academy, a prestigious magic school. Izabela was also personally selected by Steven Speilberg to play the role of ‘Olivia’ in the AppleTV+ series Amazing Stories and also recently starred in the Disney Channel series The Secrets of Sulphur Springs. 

We asked Izabela about her other passions and she said she is interested in producing and was able to shadow Christine Luby, director of The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay, to learn about scripts and production details. She also tried to immerse herself into her role as Quinn and so she got books about the ocean to learn more about ecosystems because Quinn wants to become a marine biologist in the film. 

Before booking the role of Quinn, Izabela said she went on a vacation and saw dolphins for the first time and when she got home, she got a call from the casting directors that she had gotten the audition and a couple days later, the role, and was able to celebrate with her family. 

For her role in Upside-Down Magic, Izabela said she loved the messages the film had, including the power of friendship and not giving up. In both films, Izabela said she enjoyed working with a talented cast and hearing the impact her roles have had on people, reminding her why she loves acting. 

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Consider this: 

  • Look for messages and themes in films that you can take with you in your daily life. 
  • Get into your character by learning more about their background. If your character has an interest or hobby, try learning more about it yourself.