Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from October 15th- October 21st

As we get deeper into fall and Halloween approaches, we have put together a list of everything from spooky books to new additions for your autumn playlist. Check out this week’s hottest releases below!

1) Mason Ramsey – Falls Into Place

Remember that kid who went viral yodeling in Walmart 5 years ago? Here is a refresher if you need it:

Well, I have news for you: he is releasing his first EP titles Falls Into Place. The project from America’s favorite icon Mason Ramsey is dropping this Friday via Atlantic Records. It tells the story of a young kid living his life in a small town. It is the story of reflection and of self-discovery. If you like country music or even if you are just curious what Mason Ramsey is up to these days, you are definitely going to want to check out this new EP. Keep an eye out this Friday, October 20th, for Falls Into Place from rising country icon Mason Ramsey.

2) If You’ll Have Me – Eunnie

Dropping this Tuesday is the highly anticipated book from author Eunnie If You’ll Have Me. This story tells the tale of Momo Gardner, an introvert who believes the best in people and the flirtatious loner PG as they fall into love. It is a story of romance and of overcoming differences. If you are looking for a good love story to curl up with this fall, this is the perfect book for you. 

3) Tripped Up

Follow Lizzy and her three best friends to the Saucy Food Festival as chef Lizzy competes in the prestigious cooking competition. This week, watch as these girls go on an action packed adventure and learn lessons of struggle and of fun and female bonding. You definitely don’t want to miss this fascinating foodie flick. Check out this iconic tale of food, fun and female friendship this Friday!

4) Seventeen – Seventeenth Heaven

Following the release of their powerhouse single “Super” is the band Seventeen’s new mini album Seventeenth Heaven. This K-pop group has been working on this project for a long time now and fans have been waiting eagerly for it to drop. Well, the wait is over because Seventeenth Heaven is releasing this Friday. Listen wherever you get your music on October 20th. 

5) Cascade

This Tuesday, October 17th the movie Cascade releases everywhere. Watch as a young girl and her friends take a hike and they come across a plane crash. They investigate further that the plane belongs to a gang of drug smugglers. Join in as the group has to face dangerous criminals and the enemy of the wilderness. If you like action and adventure movies such as National Treasure or Tomb Raider this movie is the perfect film for your fall movie night. 

Check out our interview with Cascade star Sadie Laflamme-Snow here:

6) All These Sunken Souls: A Black Horror Anthology

Just in time for Halloween is this brand-new collection of spooky stories from several different authors. Read along in this book as we hear stories of monsters, ghouls, asylums and zombie apocalypses. If you are a fan of the Goosebumps series and looking for something scary then All These Sunken Souls: A Black Horror Anthology is the perfect read for you. Look for it wherever you get your books this Tuesday October 17th.

7) Emilie Kahn – Maybe

This album from Emilie Kahn is sure to be your next fall favorite. Maybe contains 14 songs that are sure to strike a chord with you. Emilie Kahn is an incredible harpist and songwriter so it makes sense that this project would feature her incredible harp skills mixed with beautiful modern musical elements to create a unique take on pop music. If you like Lizzy McAlpine or Phoebe Bridgers and are looking for a creative new album to throw on in the car, this is the perfect album for you! Check out this music video of her new single “Parallel” now:

8) The Other Zoey

This Friday, October 20th, check out the new movie The Other Zoey. This rom-com is staring Josephine Langford (who you might recognize from the popular movie series After) as Zoey Miller. In this film, the captain of the boys soccer team, Zach (played by “Outer Banks” star Drew Starkey), gets a bad case of amnesia and thinks that academically driven Zoey is his girlfriend. In an effort to get closer to his smart cousin Miles, Zoey goes along with the charade. Join her as she navigates this wild collegiate love triangle this Friday.

9) Boys Like Girls – Sunday at Foxwoods

The week marks the release of the oh-so-anticipated album from Boys Like Girls titled Sunday at Foxwoods. It is a fresh update to their pop rock sound and includes previously released singles such as “The Outside”, “Language” and “Blood and Sugar”. This 13-track album is the precursor to their upcoming tour next year so if you are looking for a concert to get in on, this is the perfect one! Check out this link for upcoming show dates and locations:

10) “Elite” – Season 7 Premiere

Check out Netflix’s original drama series “Elite” as they drop their seventh season. This Spanish drama is definitely a favorite and fans have been begging for more. Tune into this season to see your old favorite characters and some brand-new ones as well. New cast members this season include Brazilian singer Anitta and model Fernando Lindez. If you are looking for a new intense drama to binge this fall, make sure to watch the seventh season of Netflix’s “Elite” this fall.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Top 10, we hope you find something to spice up your fall. Check back next week for 10 more new releases!